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Netflix Shows To Binge Watch Now

Netflix Shows To Binge Watch Now

Here are 10 Netflix shows to binge watch. These binge-worthy Netflix shows will have you hooked. Check out these Netflix shows to binge!

Netflix is, in my opinion, always the place to visit when you want to have a good binge session. This streaming platform offers you many TV shows and movies from all kinds of genres ranging from proper laugh out loud moments to the more serious documentary worthy moments. Below you’ll find my list of the top 10 Netflix shows to binge watch (in no particular order).

1. How To Get Away With Murder

With a third season widely anticipated to be uploaded onto Netflix, you can enjoy the first two whilst waiting like the rest of us for long awaited new season just so we can all see how the characters are coping with their decisions and actions they made that left us craving more criminal justice advice from Annalise.



2. House of Cards

A slightly more intellectual series that requires a bit more focus from you in order to actually understand what exactly is happening. But, once you’ve grasped all the concepts and placed all the characters in their right places then it becomes a series which will have you clicking the ‘Next Episode’ button again and again and again.

3. Orphan Black

Tatiana Mislay deserves awards for each separate character portrayal she has brilliantly played across these 5 mystery filled and action packed series. I recommend you watch Orphan Black based on the acting and casting choice alone!

4. Stranger Things

A highly anticipated series perfect for everyone who is intrigued by supernatural activity and action filled television shows.


5. Riverdale

I won’t lie, I watched the first season in 2 days. Thats just how good it was. I couldn’t stop watching it and was a bit sad when it ended because I couldn’t witness any new Jughead sarcasm. A high school, teen drama mixed with a murder investigation. What more could you ask for? Why wouldn’t you want to add this to your Netflix shows to binge watch?

6. Gilmore Girls

Across 7 seasons and 4 mini movie length episodes, Gilmore Girls is an easy going and pleasurable watch that follows a young girl, raised by her single (and very energetic) mum/best friend, grow up tackling every day relationships, struggles and hunt to find good coffee together.

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7. Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston is simply amazing in his portrayal of a terminally ill chemistry teacher who starts to use his skills to pair up with a street wise about crystal meth in order to provide that little bit of extra cash for his wife and disabled son back home….but his journey just goes a little of course.

8. A Series of Unfortunate Events

I will warn you now, just like the narrator will warn you in the opening of each episode, if you like to watch shows or movies with happy endings then I suggest you skip this one and move on to the next bingeworthy show on the list.

9. Sherlock

With only 4 seasons and 3 episodes per season, you just can’t miss Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of the genius detective Sherlock Holmes alongside his partner in crime(solving) Dr Watson helping out Scotland Yard with their trickiest of cases.


10. The Crown

A remarkable series based on the early year truths of HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. I couldn’t think of a better cast to truly portray the Royal Family as accurately and as stunning as they have in this Netflix original series. As well as it being an entertaining drama series, it is also very informative with a bit of a sneak peak behind the scenes of what went on during the start of Her Majesty’s reign.

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