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5 Netflix Series To Binge On A Sick Day In The Dorms

5 Netflix Series To Binge On A Sick Day In The Dorms

You’re off sick, stuck in bed and your friends are all in class. What do we all turn to when our phones stop pinging with notifications? Netflix! There’s nothing better than curling up in bed and watching a new Netflix series. With so many options at such an affordable subscription, why not explore some new shows while you have the time? Assuming you’ve watched all the other hits; Stranger Things, You, Black Mirror, The Good Place and Riverdale, here are our top five Netflix Series to binge while you’re off sick and curled up in bed!

Maniac (Mini-Series)

This psychological dark comedy sci-fi drama follows the characters of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone who meet through a pretty gnarly pharmaceutical drug trail. Based on the Norwegian series of the same name, if you’re partial to science fiction and take a fancy to Noir, this show is perfect for you. It has the dark futuristic elements of Black Mirror, the dinginess of GLOW, and is really messed up – but in the best way. If you haven’t watched this, I strongly urge you to give it a try.

Good Girls

Three suburban mums decide to break the law and rob a supermarket to pay the bills. But, they get way more than they bargained for when a gang comes looking for their money and the police are hot on their heels. Filled with hostages, heists and a hot gang leader, you’ll binge both seasons of this Netflix series and love every second of it. They just aired a second season, and are renewed for a third, so get sucked in and join us in anticipation!


One Day at a Time

Inspired by the 1975 series with the same name, this warm and comedic series follows Penelope Alvarez, an army veteran and her Cuban-American family. Everyone loves a good family sitcom and this one brings a lot of everyday issues to the forefront in a way that’ll keep you both woke and amused. There are three whole seasons to binge-watch on your sick day. So if you don’t fancy too much drama and suspense, this is a great Netflix series to dive right into, especially if you’re off with the flu!

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Jane the Virgin – From Episode One.

Who doesn’t love Jane the Virgin?! From starting on cable TV to airing its final season on Netflix, this dramatic rom-com has everything from sweet romance to spine chilling suspense. The bonus to watching it all on Netflix? The cliffhangers mean nothing! We can watch Jane tackle pregnancy, motherhood, romance and achieve her dream in one place with no ads. Perfect for a day in bed!


RuPaul’s Drag Race From Season One, Yes-Gawd!

With no shortage of drama and entertainment, why not watch this brilliant and Emmy award-winning series from episode one? Picking it up from season 10 or 11 just isn’t going to cut it. All the inside jokes, drag race lingo, and throwbacks add to this Netflix series’ rambunctious charm. How will you know it was Alyssa Edwards (Season 5) and her famous tongue-pop that brought Plastique Tiara (Season 11) into the world? How would you know one house on Davenport from the next? With a nice big bowl popcorn and plenty of tea, enjoy hours of shade, fundamental reading and slaying like no battlefield has seen from the comfort of your bed!

Did we leave an iconic Netflix series out? If we did, let us know what you’d binge in the comments.

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