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How To Know Who To Bring When You Need A Date To A Wedding

How To Know Who To Bring When You Need A Date To A Wedding

Need a date to a wedding and are unsure of who to bring? There are so many wedding date options that you are unaware of out there! Check them out!

Need a date to a wedding? Well let’s take a few steps back – you’ve got a wedding invite, you’re excited to see your friends tie the knot. But hang on, is your partner welcome? Here are a few tips and thoughts you need to have before you storm the bride’s house demanding an invite for your partner, just wait a bit and find out if your date actually wants to go and whether or not they are welcome. This wedding is about your friends – not you and your date. Weddings are already incredibly stressful, and you don’t want to make the bride or groom’s life any harder by being a difficult guest. Make sure any interaction you have with them is polite and that you respect their decisions, even if it isn’t the decision you would have liked. Here’s how to know who to bring when you need a date to a wedding, or if you should bring them at all!

Does It Say On The Invitation?

Look at the wording on the invitation, is it addressed to just you? Or it is you and a named guest? Or just you and guest? This is first clear indication as to whether you are welcome to take someone else.  Similarly, if your partner knows the bride and groom separately from you they might be invited anyway and have their own invitation on route.



Is It A Big Wedding?

If the invitation wasn’t clear, then think about what you know about the wedding. Is it a big wedding? Or is it an intimate affair? If it’s intimate, then it is likely that they only want you and you don’t need a date to a wedding. But if it is a bigger affair, just ask. Don’t ask if you can bring someone, ask if they meant you to bring someone; that way you avoid any embarrassment.

Are There People Going Who You Fancy?

If you’re single and don’t know who you would bring anyway, then don’t! There will always been an attractive member of the wedding party – a bridesmaid or groomsman who you could try your luck with. Perhaps there is even a lucky person you’ve had your eye on for a while who you know is going, weddings are notorious for hook-ups, it’s worthwhile thinking about your options at the actual event.

Do You Have Someone To Take With You?

The old rule was that if you were married, engaged or in a ‘serious relationship’ (living with your partner) then they would be invited as well as you. However, this rule is no longer as regimented as it used to be with couples and relationships having evolved in modern times. Nowadays, the rule is probably a lot more flexible and depends on how close you and your date are to the wedding party – if you both know them, you might be invited separately or as a couple. But again, always look at the invitation.


How Well Do You Know Other Guests?

If you’re close with the wedding party, but maybe not the rest of the guests it might be tactful for you to bring a date. At least then you have someone you can talk to, have a drink with and a good old dance. Of course, this only works if the bride and groom are okay with you having a date and you tell them way ahead of time. Most people will want their guests to be happy and if this will help, hopefully, they will be accommodating.

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Are You In The Bridal Party?

Generally, as a rule of weddings, if you need a date to a weding and you are in the bridal party you get a date. It’s almost a thank you from the bride and groom for all of your help towards their big day. But obviously, you need to be cautious of who you bring. If you’ve only just started a relationship and don’t know how serious it is, then maybe leave bae at home. You don’t want an unknown broken-hearted face in your friend’s wedding photos if the relationship doesn’t work out.


If you have any other tips or tricks to finding out whether you’re welcome to take a date, then let us know in the comments below!

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