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The 5 Nature Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

The 5 Nature Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

The 5 Nature Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

It isn’t exactly breaking news that nature documentaries fill us with a sense of awe and amazement. You get to spend your free time finding out more about the animals that share our planet. If you’re like me and love animals, but can’t jet off to see them, then watching them from the comfort of your own home is the next best thing!

Nature documentaries have also been proven to be one of the best shows to boost your mental health. So if you’re feeling low, then these are the best nature documentaries to watch right now!

Blue Planet 2

 Now there is no way we could write a list of nature and not mention Sir David Attenborough. His narration about marine life has been critically acclaimed in this documentary.  The series took almost four years to complete, involving 200 filming locations. Each episode focusses on a different aspect of marine life and highlights behaviours that have never been filmed before.

As the oceans cover 70 percent of the planet, it is maddening that we know little about it. People will enjoy this if they love marine life and are curious about our oceans. Viewers get a snapshot into a world that we normally aren’t allowed to view.

The 5 Nature Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now


Blackfish caused a storm of fury amongst the public when it first aired. People began boycotting Seaworld due to the treatment of Tilikum. This documentary investigates the consequences of keeping Orca whales in captivity. The film follows the story of the Orca, Tilikum, who was in captivity in SeaWorld Orlando. The series highlights the terrible deaths of three SeaWorld trainers. Which Tilikum was involved in.

The series shows us Tilikum’s life from his capture in 1983 to his developed aggression. The film highlights the stress the animals feel when they are held in conditions that are too small for them. This documentary is available on Netflix.

The 5 Nature Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now

Planet Earth 2

 Planet Earth 2 is a 2016 nature documentary, released by the BBC. This documentary’s predecessor changed the way viewers see the natural world. The series focuses on the multiple habitats that animals can be found in. These include; islands, jungles, deserts, mountains, and cities. The series was critically acclaimed and broadcast internationally.

Viewers are treated to stunning aerial shots and super close shots of snow leopards. Making it seem as if we’re really close to the animal’s habitats. This documentary allows us to have a sneak peek into the lives of multiple animals. The footage amazes viewers due to its high definition.

The 5 Nature Documentaries To Watch Right Now


This heart-warming tale follows six stories of the bond between humans and their dogs. The series includes the stories of service dog Rory, a fisherman’s Labrador, Ice, and a Syrian refugee husky Zeus. Released on Netflix in 2018, it caused a social media storm. People started posting their own dogs watching the documentary and it certainly became a cult phenomenon.

Humans will always have an affinity with ‘mans best friend’. So why not spend a Sunday afternoon watching stories of the love we all have for our dogs? Incredibly cute and heartwarming.

The 5 Nature Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Our Planet

 This is Netflix’s first foray into nature documenting. This Multi-million nature series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It highlights the threats that the environment is now facing, as well as the animals who live there. Like Planet Earth, each episode focuses on a different landscape. Again Attenborough stuns us with his pace and statistics and viewers are treated to stunning views.

Netflix was working alongside WWF with the release of this documentary. They choose to put the impact humans are having on the environment front and centre, which many other documentaries don’t do. This series has a show don’t tell mentality which impacts it’s viewers further.

The 5 Nature Documentaries to Watch Right Now

These are what we think are the best nature documentaries. Do you agree?

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