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Natural Wedding Makeup That Will Grab Attention

Natural Wedding Makeup That Will Grab Attention

Choosing your wedding makeup can feel like an impossible task. These natural wedding makeup ideas will help you feel glamorous and confident on your day!

When it comes to wedding makeup, sometimes less is more. Minimalist makeup is among the most highly requested looks out there, perfect for enhancing the natural features and making an impact. This natural look is all about neutral shades and soft hues. Think nude lips, subtle blush and warm highlight. Keep scrolling to discover some natural wedding makeup ideas that will grab attention!

1. Subtle Smokey Eye

To achieve a natural look with a slightly sultry vibe, consider the subtle smokey eye technique. Brightening up the eyes is a great way of drawing attention to the face without creating too much fuss.

Don’t go too dark with the shadow, as bolder shades can overly dramatise your makeup and make it look heavy in photographs. Opt for soft, brown tones instead. Add a touch of shadow to the crease, and finish off with some liner to enhance the bottom of the eye. If you do decide to give the smokey eye a go, make sure to leave the rest of the face super natural. This means minimal lip product and minimal blush.


 2. All Pink

Take natural to the next level by enhancing some rosy hues with blush and eyeshadow. This look is a real winner for all skin tones and types, you just have to play around and find the shades that work best for you. Turn your attention to the blush and bring out your pink undertones, but don’t overdo it. Alongside that, opt for a warm, pink eyeshadow that compliments your eye colour, and add a little shimmer to the corners of the eyes to finish off the look. This soft, natural wedding makeup will definitely grab some attention.

3. A Touch of Sparkle

Achieve a minimalist vibe with a touch of glamour by adding a little sparkle to your natural wedding makeup. Opt for a golden shadow to accentuate the eyes, and blend a coppery, metallic shade into the crease to heighten the overall effect. Bring definition to your cheekbones with some natural bronzer and warm highlight, and blend the makeup in thoroughly to avoid any harsh lines on the face.

For this look, stay clear of too much detail on the lips, as you want the focus to remain on your eyes. Think pale lip gloss or no lip gloss at all. This gorgeous, natural makeup will leave you feeling comfortable and confident!

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4. Feathered Brow And Nude Lip

This makeup look says natural with just a hint of drama. You don’t need bright red lipstick or a deeply shadowed eye to create a stand-out wedding look, feathered eyebrows will work just fine. Start this look off by brushing out the brows, and then enhance them using an eyebrow tint product or even just a dark pomade or mousse. Choose a nude lipstick which compliments your skin tone, and your natural wedding makeup look is complete!

5. The No Makeup Look

If you want to go for the super au naturel finish, then try the no makeup look. This comes down to focusing 99% of your efforts on your skin. Before you even begin with the makeup, make sure your skin is well prepped with a nourishing moisturiser and hydrating primer.


To create an utterly flawless skin finish, choose a dewy foundation that will leave your skin glowing, and you won’t have to do much else. Brighten up the eyes with just a hint of mascara, and finish off by adding highlighter to the cheekbones, browbones and cupid’s bow. Voila! You’ve got yourself the perfect natural wedding makeup look.

Which of these natural wedding makeup looks do you love? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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