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15 Natural Skin Care Remedies For Every Skin Type

15 Natural Skin Care Remedies For Every Skin Type

Homemade skin care is so much healthier for your skin and also saves you tons of money! Here are 15 natural skin care remedies for any skin type!

In terms of food, people have become increasingly aware and cautious of what the ingredients are and the affects that this will have on their health and their skin. So, cosmetics products should be no different – everything including makeup and creams, get absorbed by the pores in your skin. If the skin is not cleaned properly, this can cause breakouts and irritations. Below is a list of the easiest homemade natural skin care remedies that can be used on every skin type. Have fun!

1. Cotton Face Cloth + Green Tea = Cooling Facial And Sunburn Relief

Infuse a soft cotton cloth, with soothing and hydrating green tea. Packed with antioxidants and a small amount of minerals, it becomes a perfect remedy for dehydrated or sore skin. The catachins in green tea also help to kill bacteria, helping to keep your skin clearer for longer.

2. Lemon Juice + Egg White = Clear Blackheads

For a truly natural treatment, mix lemon juice, a brightening vitamin infused juice, with egg white. Egg whites help to shrink pores and create a smooth finish to the skin. Once mixed together, leave this mask on the face for fifteen minutes before rinsing off with warm water.


3. Egg Yolk + Lemon Juice = Anti Redness Facial

Egg yolks, on the other hand, help to reduce redness and get rid of acne. This is because it contains antibacterial properties that keep the skin clear. Mix with lemon juice to brighten and tighten the skin, or add some honey as well for a more luxurious and sweeter smelling mask.

4. Papaya + Honey + Lemon = Skin Clearing Mask

Keep your skin clear with papaya, a multitasking fruit that clears, hydrates and anti-ages the skin by keeping wrinkles reduced. Naturally antibacterial, full of antioxidants and super moisturising, honey becomes your main hard working multi tasker that really shows results once you wash this off.

5. Milk + Tomato = Brightening Skin Treatment

Ideal for soothing skin and reducing any areas of irritation, milk is an excellent ingredient for a brightening skin treatment. It also makes for an excellent cleanser as it removes dead skin cells, and when mixed with tomato creates a comment-worthy glow. Tomatoes also help to keep any redness or skin irritation at bay, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out.


6. Yoghurt + Lemon Juice = Glowing Skin

Yoghurt contains anti-aging properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dissolving any dead skin cells. Lemon juice helps to clear the skin and brighten it by being packed with vitamins. This makes for a perfect skin-glow mask, that is also soothing and pore shrinking. An alternative to lemon juice can be olive oil. Apply for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water.

7. Pumpkin + Honey + Organic Milk = Soothing Facial

Full of vitamin C and antioxidants, pumpkin helps to protect the skin from radical damage, making this facial great to use throughout the week. Truly caring for your skin, honey is antibacterial and skin-clearing, whilst milk helps to calm and soothe the skin by removing any dead skin cells and closing the pores. Simply work your homemade solution into the face, for a matter of minutes, before rinsing off with warm water and a clean cloth, and finishing with moisturiser.

8. Cucumber = Eye Soother

Remedies don’t have to be complicated at all. Sometimes a single ingredient is enough to give your skin that extra boost of hydration and health. Cucumber greatly revitalises the skin by reducing any puffiness are dark circles and is a great alternative for a sunburn cure. All of these remedies are super natural and quick and easy to make and are suitable for every skin type. They can also be tailored to whatever suits you – depending on what you’re feeling like, or what you have in the fridge.


9. Apple Cider Vinegar + Water = Toner

Perhaps an ingredient you wouldn’t have thought of, apple cider vinegar actually helps to make a great toner. The acetic acid gets rid of any lingering dirt and grime and leaves your skin super clean. Dilute this with water – the main source of hydration, to create a pH balanced toner. You can also use the same solution In your hair after washing to leave your locks squeaky clean and shining.

10. Brown Sugar + Olive Oil + Honey = Lip Scrub

A remedy kept in the kits of many makeup artists – it shows just how easy to mix up and use these formulas are. As brown sugar is smaller and softer than other sugars, it is gentler and safer to use on your skin, especially those with sensitive skin. However, it is still able to scrub away dead skin cells and leave a glowing complexion. By mixing with olive oil and honey, the lip scrub becomes protective and caring for the lips, long after you’ve washed it away.

11. Raw Sugar + Grapeseed Oil + Peppermint Essential Oil = Body Scrub

Simply make more of the above to turn it into a body scrub, or mix and match some new ingredients. Try grapeseed oil and peppermint essential oil, for a scrub that doesn’t clog pores but simply cleans them. This scrub also moisturises, reduces any scarring and restores collagen – as well as smelling great! You can choose any essential oil to flavour your scrub, truly making it personalised. However, peppermint essential does have other benefits such as reducing any headaches, clearing the airways and improving mental focus. It also boosts your energy.


12. Honey + Olive Oil = Skin Moisturiser

Caring and protecting, this luxurious duo can be left to sink into the skin for only a positive skin outcome. Use this super moisturiser on any really dry patches such as elbows and knees to relieve and rejuvenate them. Reapply as often as necessary.

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13. Avocado + Honey + Olive Oil = Hydrating Hair Mask

Not only does avocado taste great, it can relieve dry and parched hair. Its natural oils can penetrate deep into the hairs, helping to soften and hydrate them. Honey and olive oil can be added to this mix to create a nourishing hair mask. Leave it in for 10-15 and wash out thoroughly with warm water for amazingly shiny, healthy locks – all natural, of course!

14. Rosewater + Coconut Milk = Relaxing Bath

Such a luxurious combination, rosewater helps to reduce irritated skin, get rid of acne and eczema and cleans away any oils and dirt from clogged pores. Coconut milk is packed with vitamin C and has anti aging properties that maintain elasticity in the skin and prevents wrinkles and age spots. Bathe in these beauty benefits with a truly relaxing bath.


15. Epsom Salt + Essential Oil = Soothing Foot Spa

A combination for super soft skin. Choose from a selection of essential oils, including lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, geranium and ylang ylang, which are among some of the most beneficial essential oils for skin. Epsom salt softens any tougher areas of skin, so that it becomes easier to remove the dead skin cells. This makes for a great soothing, natural foot spa, for every skin type!

All of the recipes are easy to make and majorly beneficial for the skin. Mix and match ingredients to create your own tailored remedy.  The best bit is that they are all completely natural and are suitable to be used on any skin type. They are also cheaper than buying a product, as the ingredients are things you will already find in your fridge or nearby food or health shop. It’s the perfect excuse for a pamper sesh!

Do you have any other homemade natural skin care remedies you use!? Share in the comments below!

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