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7 Natural And Organic Makeup Brands That Will Change Your Makeup Game

7 Natural And Organic Makeup Brands That Will Change Your Makeup Game

Help make a difference! Get your skin a healthy appearance and a natural glow using one of these natural and organic makeup brands.

Marketing strategies tend to operate in ways to make you think that any product labeled ‘natural’ or ‘eco’ has the impeccable set of ingredients to make your skin look and feel flawless. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. If you want to get your hands on the real deal organic makeup, start taking notes now. Here are 7 makeup brands which products contain nothing more than your skin actually needs.

1. Dr. Haushka

The key ideology that the brand has espoused since 1967 implies a simple solution: the skin itself is capable of maintaining the balance that it demands. All we need to do is support the system and figure out what functions require the most attention. The products help the skin regain its ability to regenerate and self-nourish. The ingredients consist of various plant extracts; no parabens, no artificial dyes or silicons. The range includes both skin care and makeup.

2. Amala

This German skincare and makeup brand can be found in a plethora of luxury Spa and Beauty salons across the world. The ingredients include plant extracts such as shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. Amala ambassadors believe that facial care is an intricate process that should be categorized according to your needs: moisturizing, cleansing, soothing, a series for mature skin and a series that targets natural glow. On the Amala’s website, you can also shop organic aromatic room sprays.


3. Ilia

It all started off back in 2011 when the owner first launched 6 universally friendly shades of tinted lip conditioners that could soothe and moisturize without causing any chemical harm to the lips and simultaneously empower the owner to be trendy and bold with colors. Now on Ilia’s official website, you can find anything from primers to BB creams to powders to mascaras and much more! Every product is 85% organic, the shade range gets updated seasonally and the sophisticated-looking packaging is made of recycled aluminum.

4. Jane Iredale

One of the earliest organic makeup brands on the market, Jane Iredale is widely used in more than 35 countries around the worlds. All products are generated on the basis of micronized minerals and do not contain any thickening agents, fillers, such as talc or mineral oil, or any other chemical dyes and preservatives. This mineral-based makeup is highly long-wearing and can be easily removed with any facial cleanser.

5. Inika

In case of this Australian-owned organic makeup brand, quality justifies the bill. ‘Inika’ in translation from the Hindi language means ‘little earth’, which suggests careful attitude towards nature and land. Their most renowned products are the pore-concealing high-pigmented loose powder, vegan mascara, cream highlighter for the natural glow and liquid foundation with hyaluronic acid. All products can be found on the ASOS website.

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6. Aveda

The concept of this brand is deeply rooted in the profound ideology of the steady balance between the spirit and the body, the physical and the immaterial. Sounds poetic, huh. So everything they do and produce is oriented towards sustaining the ecological equilibrium through the power of the collective mindset. Since 1978, when Aveda was first established as a makeup brand, the creators continue to praise holistic beauty by means of maintaining wellness. Their absolute best-seller is the mineral dual foundation that is supposed to intensify your natural radiance and even out your skin tone.

7. PUR Cosmetics

This clinically formulated, vegan-friendly, paraben-free, alcohol and talc-free makeup is one of the best on the market quality-wise as well as range-wise. PUR Cosmetics have all the products you need to create an organic and natural full face of makeup. Their absolute must-have is the 4-in-1 pressed mineral foundation that has some skincare benefits to it. It’s medium to full coverage and has a dewy soft finish. All the ingredients all listed on the website. They also recently launched a foundation in 100 shades…we support inclusivity!


What is your go-to organic makeup brand? Share in the comments!

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