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8 Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Fall

8 Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Fall

8 Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Fall

As small as they are, people pay attention to hands and fingernails more than they realize. Someone’s hands can say a lot about a person.

Once they hit the runway, everyone’s caught wind of this fall season’s nail trends. From marbling to negative space, there’s a nail trend that piques everyone’s interest.

Here are 8 nail trends that are going to be huge this fall!


1. Ombre

Bold, different and one that catches the eye, ombre nails are perfect for people who have always been interested in a subtle difference.

A conversation starter if nothing else, think unique and make an appointment at the beauty salon ASAP. One of the perfect nail trends for those interested in letting their fingers do the talking.

You can interpret this any way you want! Try different colours, blend them together or shade from left to right rather than top to cuticle!


2. Glitter

Previously seen on the tips of fingers of models who walked for Moschino and Kate Spade, subtle glitter nails are making a comeback, but with a bit more subtlety.

As if the galaxy lies on your fingers, it’s important to not go over the board as glitter can be one of the more overwhelming nail trends of this year.

Almond nails are a top tier shape for this design.


3. Bejeweled

Turning couture into every-day life is not as difficult as some might think. The key to turning a runway decision into a day to day decision is all about not going overboard.

This fall season will include a lot of bejeweled nails as one of the next remaining nail trends.

NYFW AW19 has seen this trend on a lot of catwalks and it’s time they step out of the scene and into our lives. If you aren’t prepared to take the big leap of bejeweling all of your nails, then we’ve got the perfect solution: a single jewel here and there on nude fingers!


4. Negative Space

This is one of the nail trends that has been floating around Instagram far more longer than catwalks it appears. Social media influencers have already donned this new trend and are doing an amazing job influencing it onto us, because it’s worked!

A subtle yet daring decision which gives it an almost unfinished vibe that definitely stands out.

It looks classy leaving it nude with a pop of colour, or you can go above and beyond and choose two contrasting colours!


5. Neon

No more dull colours during the fall season, these nail trends are all about making an impact!

Neon is all about bringing the summer into fall and there is no room for hesitation. As fall clothes begin to come out and darker items cover your body, painting your nails neon (or even at least a touch of neon) is a good way to let your nails do the talking!

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6. Accent

Who said your nails had to be all the same? If there’s one thing that this year’s fall nail trends have shown us is that everything is unpredictable and almost always different from each other!

If you’re more the type who prefers the same colour and design on each nail, even the littlest change will make a huge difference. Whether it be a dot or just a different shade of the same colour, you will positively shock people with your up-to-date trend.

7. New French

French nails have always been fashionable since the first Vogue magazine was published.


This year, we see different kinds of ways to do french nails that adapts to everyone’s different personality.

Whether it’s on oval shape nails, the french tip covers most of the nail or the french tip is a different colour than white! It’s very easy to play around with while still following the nail trends of the season.

8. Marbling

These past few years we’ve seen a lot of marbled nails, from dramatic to quite subtle.


Yet again, this season continues to bring back the decision to make marbling a thing. There’s, once again, more leeway with this type of nail trend, because the sole design is still at your hands. Unlike typography where there isn’t much room for interpretation!


Did we miss out a nail trend that would be perfect for this fall?

Let us know in the comments below which nail trend is your favourite!

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