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10 Nail Art Designs That We’re Living For

10 Nail Art Designs That We’re Living For

In need of some new nail art design ideas for your next manicure? I've got you covered.

Raise your hand if you love nail art… I’m hoping all of your hands are up if you’ve clicked on this article. Whether it’s ombre nails, polka dot nails or glitter nails, I love them. Check out these 10 gorgeous nail art designs that we’re totally living for!

1. Stars

We are loving these totally dreamy, starry nail art designs right now! They are very minimalist and subtle with a nude glossy or matte base. They are also simple enough to do at home, just grab some loose glitter or nail polish with stars, pick out the stars and secure them onto a tacky base of nail polish. Finish with a thick top coat and voila!

2. Glitter

Glitter nails are another nail art design we’re obsessed with at the mo! They are a great nail art choice as they can be as glamorous or subtle as you want them to be. For example, you might go all out and have all your nails covered in glitter, or for a more subtle look, you’ll just have one or two nails glittered up.


3. Marble

Marble nails are possibly one of the coolest nail art designs out there! And watching how they’re created? Even cooler! These are a fun DIY nail art design to try. Watch this tutorial to see how you can create your very own realistic marble nails!

4. Geometric

Geometric nail art designs are totally on trend right now! This is another fun DIY nail art design that’s simple enough to recreate yourself. Spice your design up with some glitter nail polish for an even more sophisticated look.

5. Ombre

Ahh, aren’t ombre nails just perfection? Ombre is simply one colour fading into another colour, creating a seamless gradient effect. The art of ombre isn’t hard to master either, this tutorial is really helpful when trying to recreate this nail art design at home, teaching you the dos and don’ts of ombre nails.


6. Checkers

This nail art design reminds me of Vans skate shoes and I’m totally living for it! A lot of the nail art designs I’ve seen compliment these checker nails with flames, and the end result looks fierce AF!

7. Chrome

I don’t know why but I think chrome nail art designs like the one below are very futuristic! The chrome finish of this nail art design is mesmerising and super chic, even Kylie Jenner is living for it.

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8. Rhinestones

Rhinestones are the perfect way to jazz up your nails and give them a bit more oomph! This nail art design is so trendy and looks very elegant. You can have as many or as little rhinestones as you wish, and experimenting with the placement of your rhinestones is so much fun! Get some rhinestones added to your next manicure for a little more bling.

9. Flowers

Flower nail art designs are super cute and super easy to do! You can get really creative with these nail looks and choose any kind of flowers you want for your nails. They can be colourful and bright or a bit more neutral and muted, for a subtle look. They are the perfect nail art design for spring!

10. Polka Dots

Polka dot nail art designs are another super easy design to try! Very simple to DIY and look sophisticated and chic. You can go black, white, nude, blue, pink, rainbow! You can choose whatever colours you like. 


Let us know in the comments section below which nail art designs you’re going to try! Comment any other nail art designs you’re loving at the moment too!

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