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My Birthday Was Ruined By An Uninvited Guest

My Birthday Was Ruined By An Uninvited Guest

Everyone gets excited for their birthday. Everyone. Even just a little bit. The one day throughout the whole year when all attention is on you!

Everyone gets excited for their birthday. Everyone. Even just a little bit. You can’t deny that little tingly feeling you get the night before when you get into bed, and how it takes longer than usual to drop off to sleep because you’re just thinking ‘HEY it’s my birthday tomorrow!‘ You can’t stop thinking about the presents you’re gonna get off your family members, the surprises, the food, everything. The one day throughout the whole year when all attention is on you! It’s a celebration! Well, that’s what I thought, until my birthday was ruined by an uninvited guest.

Waking Up

Waking up on your birthday is probably one of the only days of the year (apart from Christmas) that your tiredness just disappears completely as if you woke up hours ago. Well, I woke up, slipped into my dressing gown (a definite must in the morning), and walked through, into the kitchen to make my morning coffee. After being greeted by my family, and 5 Happy Birthday’s later, I finally got to open my presents.


The most exciting time of the day. You’re excited and anxious as to what presents you’re going to get off of everyone. The little essentials that your parents always get you is obviously an annual re-occurrence. You know, the pants and socks top up, a few books, notebooks for uni, maybe throw in a few hair bobbles and clips. Then it moves on to the more exciting things like makeup, perfume, pyjamas, shoes and bags, the things you actually asked them for.


Next is the inappropriate presents or things you’re never going to actually use, that you get from your brothers. The ‘grow your own boyfriend’ seems to be a favourite in my house, oh and the inappropriate name calling mug. I seem to get a new one every year. Lucky me! And then if you’re lucky enough to have a darling younger sister like I do, you might also get a cute little sentimental gift like a piece of jewellery.


I don’t know about you but I have quite a big family, so when I’d just about finished opening my presents and actually decided to make myself look more presentable, family are already knocking on the door. I already know who it is, it’s the same every year, my Nan and Granddad are always the first round before anyone else arrives. Then the rest of the family come, the other Nan and Granddad, the aunties and uncles, the cousins.


Then obviously it’s time to open your presents off of them! A day filled with present opening! Now it gets a bit stressful having to open your presents in front of everyone, with all eyes on you, you need to be extra careful with your facial expressions. Someone will definitely be able to clock your look of disgust if you get an ugly jumper, there’s no hiding it.


When the visitors finally decide to part, I had the rest of the day to decide how I wanted to celebrate. Obviously, the night out with the girls had been arranged months in advance for on the weekend for a proper drunken celebration. So I thought a nice meal out would be the perfect way to spend the evening, it was a weekday after all!


We booked a nice local restaurant and at around 7 o’clock we all jumped in the car to go for a nice meal. We got there, order the drinks, then the food, and of course, because it’s a birthday we go all out and order a starter, and a main before being given the dessert menu which I expected after the meal, and then ate.

By the time I had finished eating, I was so full. Like I had developed a food baby, full. I was sitting back, just relaxing, and enjoying the company when the waitress brings over the cake my mom had obviously slyly given in when I wasn’t looking. Everyone sang the traditional Happy Birthday song and as you can imagine, I’m sure it’s the same with everyone else, you just sit there awkwardly staring at the cake, smiling, waiting for them to finish singing so as you can quickly blow the candles out for it all to be over and done with. Then you say your thank you’s and the cake is cut.


The Uninvited Guest

So everything is going well, perfectly normal birthday activity, we’re passing around the cake ready to eat for dessert. We’re all talking, laughing and joking around the table whilst indulging in the double chocolate birthday cake we’re trying our best to eat after having stuffed our faces for most of the night. Adding to our food baby. After really struggling to eat the remainder of my birthday cake slice, I leave it to the side of me and carry on talking with my family. I’m laughing and joking and something catches my eye.

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I swear my cake just moved.


I move in to get a closer look.

There, in my cake slice, is an actual live insect. IN MY BIRTHDAY CAKE THAT I HAD JUST BEEN EATING. Crawling its way through the crumbs and deep into the remainder half a slice is a live insect. I actually can’t believe it. I literally cry out, telling my family and they are as shocked as I am.

I am fully cringing. My worst nightmare. Just thinking that if I had finished eating that slice of cake, I may have eaten a live insect was making me feel sick.


What Happened Next

It is safe to say, I am forever put off chocolate birthday cake after my birthday was ruined by that tiny uninvited guest crawling around in my cake that I was happily eating 2 minutes before. We took the cake back with photo evidence and received a £20 voucher to spend in the same store. We definitely didn’t get another cake!

Has your birthday ever been ruined by an uninvited guest? Share your birthday stories in the comments below!

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