Must-Try Vegetarian Products That Don’t Taste Like Cardboard

As vegetarian humans seem to multiply, the number of vegetarian products become increasingly more difficult to maneuver. There are so many to choose from and, to be truthfully honest, some of them taste and smell like the inside of a dumpster. Vegetarian products are good for our animal pals as well as Mother Earth, so making good our tastebuds appreciate is essential. 

You don’t want to serve someone the wrong thing and end up putting them off veggie products forever. Here is a list of affordable vegetarian products that don’t taste like cardboard to help you out!

Creamy Sheesy – Vegan cream cheese, £2.50

I’ll admit I’ve always been a bit skeptical of vegan cheese and I have yet to try a solid version of it I actually enjoy. When it comes to vegan cream cheese, however, I’ve found one I actually prefer to the real deal. I know people who say stuff like that are annoying, but it’s actually true!

Creamy Sheesy is so incredibly creamy and delicious I could easily eat it straight out of the box. Like regular cream cheese, it comes in several different flavors and is very rich in taste! Bonus points for it being very spreadable, it’s definitively worthy of being on a breakfast bagel. 

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Vegusto – Vegan Sausage, £3.50

Don’t be that awful person who only brings a salad to a barbecue. This vegan sausage is easy to prepare and perfect for bringing with you to any social event. It looks like the regular kind and is fairly well priced compared to other vegan sausages. You can put them on the grill, fry them or have them cold in a sandwich. 

Vegusto comes in different flavors and their website allows you to order in bulk and also create fun food-packs combining their other vegan products. If you’re bored of tofu and beans, this is definitely a great choice. 

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Quorn – Scotch Eggs, £1.50

Very snack-able and super more-ish! As someone who hasn’t eaten a lot of regular Scotch eggs in my life, I cannot comment on the accuracy, but I can confirm that they’re super tasty. Apparently, you’re meant to put them on plates and share them with people, but that part can easily be ignored.

You can enjoy Veggie Scotch Eggs alone or you can dip them in humous. Put a few in your make-up bag or on your night-stand so they’re always available. 

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See Also

Linda McCartney – Mozzarella burger £2.00

Everything from Linda McCartney’s vegetarian range is worth trying. The burger stands out as it’s one of the few veggie burgers available that is not a bean burger. These burgers actually don’t dry out in the oven and they don’t taste like flavor-less porridge the second they get cold. Even reluctant family members have admitted they taste surprisingly similar to the real deal.

The range also has options like ‘BBQ Pulled Pork Burger’ and ‘Quarter Pounder’. Throw them in the oven and add some cheese or fried onions to make it even better. A veggie burger that is actually juicy, who would have thought? 

Wholefood – Vegan Cookies

Humans are very passionate about their sweet treats, so there’s high risk in bringing vegan cookies to a party. Bad cookies are like mouth torture and an insult to girl scouts all over the world. After many tries, Wholefoods has become my go-to place when it comes to vegan cookies and cakes. It is the only place where I trust my sweet snacks not to taste like mud.

Wholefoods has an array to choose from and their cookie displays look ever so appetizing. Get a few different ones and taste test your way to your favorite. If you’ve been disappointed by vegan cookies before, these will make up for it!

Do you have any Go-to places for Vegetarian snacks? Let us know down below!

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Martine Ryholt

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