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5 Must See Popular Musicals In London You Can Not Miss

5 Must See Popular Musicals In London You Can Not Miss

There are many musicals in London, but these are the ones you absolutly cannot miss! These musicals are a must see that you can count on loving.

London is the capital city of many things, and musicals are one of them. The non-stop incredible performances all over the city is what makes musicals in London so special. So here are five musicals that are being performed and that you cannot miss!

1.Wicked at Apollo Theatre

One of the most popular musicals in London is Wicked. Wicked is an incredible performance with an amazing cast, décor and costumes. It is based on Gregory Maguire’s novel “The Wicked Witch of the West” and focuses on the meaning of good and bad. It might come across as a children’s show but it is a must see for all ages. There are wonderful message hidden in the beautiful songs.

2.Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre

I know it might seem like this list is just filled with children shows but I can promise you that it isn’t. Matilda is filled with a cast that is half my age and twice my talent and discipline. It is an incredible show of our favourite childhood story. A must see for the entire family.


3. Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre

Now this is one of the musicals in London that might not be good for the entire family. This musical is quite sad and dark, but it is a masterpiece by all means. When I say it will touch your soul, I really do mean it. So take your tissues and get ready for this emotional journey.

4.The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre

An uplifting musical that will make you laugh the entire time. It is witty and has incredible songs that you need to listen before hand so you can sing along the entire time. You will not regret it- trust me on this one.

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5.The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre

A classic masterpiece that never gets old. You cannot visit London and not see The Lion King. The entrance of the show will give you goose bumps as well as every song the cast sings because they are all incredibly talented. The costumes, the décor and the cast are all just perfect, so don’t you dare miss out!

Let us know if you’ve ever seen these musicals in London! Comment of which musical was your favorite to watch and sing along with!


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