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10 Must See Places In Manchester That You Need To Visit

10 Must See Places In Manchester That You Need To Visit

Here are places in Manchester with the ultimate best veiws you need to see. When traveling to Manchester, check out these great spots!

Manchester is one of the nation’s much-loved cities with it thriving on art, culture, local history and buzzing city life. It is home to some of the UK’s most popular things to see and do with unique landmarks that have trademarked it as one of the best city’s to visit in England. If you love to explore what city life has to offer with history to be learnt and unique restaurants to dine while being dazzled by extraordinary skylines, then you’re in for a treat. These are ten of the top places in Manchester that you need to go visit!

1. Manchester Arndale Centre

Manchester’s Arndale Centre is a stone’s throw away from Victoria Train Station and holds some of the biggest U.K. retailers all inside one big shopping centre! If you love shopping, then there is much to explore and there is even a food court with many fast food chains that surround to make your day out in Manchester unforgettable. With a central location and many bars and restaurants that surround, you can’t get lost here with plenty to see to keep you occupied.

2. Castlefield

Castlefield is one of Manchester’s notorious historical landmarks home to the city’s finest bars, restaurants and the beautiful Beetham Tower. The River Irwell sits right in the middle and runs through Deansgate, which is accessible from the city centre at the nearest tram station. There’s plenty of picturesque views from Beetham Tower, home to the Hilton Hotel and Cloud 23, which sits on the 23rd floor overlooking the city. Bursting with day and nightlife, Castlefield is definitely a place to go if you love food and drink and enjoy learning about local history!

3. The Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange sits right across the road from the Arndale Centre and is comprised of bars and restaurants that are hidden gems! The infamous Byron Burger, Cosy Club, Cabana, Gino D’Acampo, Pizza Express, Vapiano and Zizzi’s are just some big names that take the spotlight when it comes to socialising and fine dining! The Corn Exchange is a spacious indoor centre devoted to some of the city’s most enjoyable food and drink eatery’s and makes a great place to stop by while exploring the city.

4. The Trafford Centre

If you’re looking to escape from the city centre while staying out in Manchester, you can always take the bus with a direct route to one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK. From Shudehill bus interchange you can get the 100 bus to the intu Trafford Centre, which is a huge shopping centre with just about every fashion store or food chain you can think of. It also crosses the themes of America and the mythical elements of Ancient Greece with sections of the centre named after US states with palm trees. Also, there are statues and golden framework that surround to give it the Ancient Greek theme!

5. Piccadilly Gardens

Whether you want to explore Manchester in the summer of winter, Piccadilly Gardens is a great place to go if you’re looking to take lots of photos and enjoy art. With fountains that alter the flow of water constantly, you can capture some of Manchester’s newest water art. During the winter you are advantaged with the early nights and the fountains in the gardens become aglow with an array of neon lights making it a beautiful sight to see. Piccadilly Gardens is located just around the corner from Piccadilly train station and there are plenty of restaurants and bars included Wetherspoons that surround making it an unmissable landmark!

6. Lucardo Escape Rooms

Lucardo Escape Rooms has recently opened its doors in Manchester and if you love Harry Potter and want to do ana activity a group of you will enjoy, then this is something you’re going to love! The escape rooms are also known as the University of Magic. It will trap a group of you in an imaginary black magic academy. Challengers must solve a series of puzzles where you will use clues, artefacts and strategy to escape the room in under an hour. Located near Piccadilly train station on Ancoats Street, an immersive experience awaits you!

7. Beetham Tower

One of the most notorious landmarks in places in Manchester sits right in the city centre, dazzling in the night on the colourful skyline and standing out during the day. This is one of the great places in Manchester and Manchester’s tallest skyscraper holding the Hilton Hotel and Cloud 23, making it one of the most superior hotels and skyscrapers in the whole of Manchester. It’s open to the public to put satisfy your photography needs with stunning views from the bar. Everywhere you go in the city you’ll be able to see it and is a good pointer for where you are if you are new to the city. It spires into the sky from Deansgate and is a definite see when you’re next in Manchester!

8. National Football Museum

Just across the road from Manchester Victoria Train Station is the city’s National Football Museum. Free to the public and based in its Urbis building is collections of football memorabilia and history. What’s more is that the museum is open seven days a week to the public and is located just across the road from the Printworks. It is known to be the worlds biggest and best football museum, so for any football fans, this one is for you and surely isn’t to be missed when you’re next in Manchester!

9. Deansgate Locks

Home to six bars that sit beneath ten railway arches is notorious and beautifully kept Deansgate Locks that sit on the edge of the River Irwell. Known for its great nightlife, Deansgate Locks provides all the entertainment you need for a hub burn of late night music and comedy seven days a week. Not to mention the great drinks that are on offer serving delicious fresh handmade cocktails to for an evening twist. Located off Whitworth Street West sits a youthful lively atmosphere keeping the heart of the city well and truly beating.

10. Spinningfields

Ironically there are no fields involved here! Elegant places in Manchester financial district is full of entertainment and shopping areas and is considered to be one of the more high-end places in Manchester. If you love designer boutiques and fashion houses alongside bohemian and chic restaurants, you’ll love Spinningfields and what it has to offer. There’s even a hidden restaurant underground beneath a glass pyramid which is called Australasia serving up some of the finest cuisines in the city. It’s located between Deansgate and the River Irwell and provides local history about the working people of Manchester as well as being an entertainment district with musicals and concerts. It has something for everyone no matter the time of day or year!

These are ten of the top places in Manchester! We’d love to know below where you’ll be venturing to when you’re next in Manchester!

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