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10 Must-Have Songs For Your Party Playlist

10 Must-Have Songs For Your Party Playlist

These songs for your party playlist will make your next event way more groovin'! With these, your parties will be known as the best in town in no time.

No matter what event you are planning to host, a go-to party playlist is always essential in ensuring your gathering goes off with a bang!

Diversity is certainly key when it comes to putting together your ground – shaking, earth – quaking party playlist, so whether you’re an early 2000’s r’n’b obsessed princess, a classic rock lover or a modern day techno head, this list will have you pumpin’ up the jam!

1. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine – James Brown

Let’s jump back in time! There’s nothing like some sexy, swinging, 70’s soul/funk to bring that heat to the dance floor.


This number by the Godfather of Soul will have the entire party feelin’ like a hip swinging sex machine (maybe avoid playing it around that creepy uncle at family BBQ’s).

2. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) – The Offspring

Gunter, glieben, glauten, globen…

An absolute cult classic, this number is guaranteed to get all the guys headbanging and all the chickas yelling “give it to me baby!”


Originally written to diss ‘poseur’ kids who tried to act hard, the 1998 track has only become even more popular to date.

3. The Strokes – Last Nite

In the early 2000’s Julian Casablancas stated that he wanted to “make rock music that will live on forever”, and that’s exactly what and the other Stroke’s did, especially with this ultra popular hit.

‘Last Nite’ reminds us all that rock can most certainly serve as dance music, as will be proven when it cranks over the speaker at your next party and you can’t make your way through the stampede to the dance floor.


The sexy yowl of Casablancas is enough to keep a group of girls hot on their heels for a good while, regardless.

4. Debaser – Pixies

For a song based off of a surrealist Dali film in which a woman’s eye is slit by a razor, the indie ’97 hit sure sparks an energetic reaction out of both introverted and extroverted teens everywhere.

If a dance floor filled with usually level-headed people releasing their inner demon and thrashing their bodies around gracefully sounds like your kind of party (yes please), then ‘Debaser’ is the song to get it all started.


Let’s slice up them eyeballs!

5. On Melancholy Hill – The Gorillaz

This isn’t just the song that your stoner buddy puts on at 2am while you eat Cheetos in bed, but the song that has everyone swaying and holding hands in a melodic spin on the dance floor.

The Gorillaz are the masters of emotionally evocative electronic beats, and the slowed down, reflective sounds of ‘Melancholy Hill’ are no less dance floor electrifying than their faster works (‘Dare’, ‘Feel Good Inc.’ etc.). While it can be interpreted as a song of sadness, most people take it as an act of coming together in The Gorillaz’ fantasy land “where you can’t get what you want, but you can get me”, along with a whole lot of manatees and plastic trees.


6. No Limit – 2 Unlimited

If there’s one thing that the 90’s proved, it’s that there ain’t no party like a rave party!

This Belgian Eurodance song with its heart racing baseline isn’t only a kick starter for getting the dance floor burning (and an awesome addition to the ‘Need For Speed’ game soundtrack), but will also have its listeners pumping three times their usual weight at the gym.

Play this number and everyone will forget that they are at some frigid engagement party. and be transported to an underground disco in the middle of a sweaty German rave party, with glow sticks and whistles ahoy.

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7. We Speak No Americano (I Like That) – Monster Floor Fillers Remix

There’s nothing like a foreign-speaking crazy pop classic by Yolanda B Cool remixed in with some heavy bass and funky rap lyrics.

Play this at your next event and you’ll soon see that the ‘Floor Fillers’ really live up to their name!


8. Hey Baby – No Doubt

Girls say, boys say!

This dance hall classic will have everyone grinding their hips as though they were mid-nightclub in the early 2000’s (or taken back to one of those garage high school parties).

The voice of Gwen Stefani makes even the stiffest of people feel like sex symbols (as do most songs with the tagline “Hey Baby”), so this tune is a definite must-have for your party playlist.


9. Stupidisco – Junior Jack

A sample of the 1985 Pointer Sisters track ‘Dare Me’, ‘Stupidisco’ is an adrenaline pumping 2004 mix that channels everyone’s inner cheerleader and wrestler, both on and off the dance floor.

A heads up to perhaps not play this track if tensions have begun to break out between an intoxicated crowd.

10. Groove Is In The Heart – Dee Lite

This multi-produced 1990 dance track has lit up the dance floor with a groovin’ 60’s inspired beat for over two decades now.


Get out your candy coloured glasses and giant wedged boots, because this tune will have the party never asking for another.

Do you love any of these must-have party hits as much as we do? Spill your fave dance floor anthems below!

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