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Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Music Releases We Can't Wait For

The year is almost over, there are only five more months left in this decade. Before you turn your attention to the start of a new era these are the artists who are trying to end 2019 with a bang. These are just a few of the anticipated, confirmed and rumored music releases that are slated to come soon. Some of these are artists we’ve seen in recent years, others are musicians who haven’t so much as sang in the shower lately. These music releases are ones that have fans buzzing about.

The Regrettes How Do You Love?  August 9th

A little over a month ago The Regrettes released their first single from their upcoming sophomore album. The Los Angeles went through a variety of line-up changes since their last album in 2017. Now the young band is looking towards the future. They’ve announced a tour to coincide with the album release. Frontwoman Lydia Night told Paste Magazine the album follows the highs and lows of a relationship.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Taylor Swift Lover August 23rd

Love her or hate her this is arguably one of the most talked about album releases of 2019. After releasing her first single with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, Swift has had an abundance of controversy. She’s recently gone toe-to-toe with Scooter Braun, a prominent music manager who she claims has continuously harassed her. Braun recently purchased the masters to her discography and refused to sell them to her without her agreeing to less than desirable terms. This mess is ironic considering Lover is marketed as a rebirth for Swift after her Reputation era. With the songstress becoming increasingly more bold with her words and music it will be interesting to see how the new album will play out. Her last tour broke records and Swift is keeping fans, critics and fellow musicians at the edge of their seats to see if she can strike gold again.

 Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Natasha Bedingfield Roll with Me August 30th

Now this is a name you might not have heard of in recent years. Natasha Bedingfield’s last album was released in 2010 and since then the singer has been relatively silent. This will be the British popstar’s fourth studio album. Roll with Me is slated to drop at the end of next month. Bedingfield worked with producer Linda Perry, a woman who has worked with the likes of Alicia Keys, Courtney Love and fellow British singer Adele. Her early music was widely well received in both the U.S. and overseas, with one of her singles becoming the theme song to the OG reality show The Hills. According to Vents Magazine Bedingfield wants her new album to be bright, bold and honest.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Lana Del Rey Norman F*cking Rockwell August

While there is no official date Lana Del Rey confirmed the album will be out in August. At a festival in Spain Del Rey tells the audience to expect her sixth studio album to be dropped before the end of summer. So far the singer has held fans over with singles like “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch”. Her last album, which earned her a Grammy nomination, was put out in 2017. While she hasn’t been gone from music for too long her fans are still craving for more music. The melancholy songstress worked with heavy hitting producer Jack Antonoff for the new album for at least one song.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

The Cure October

2019 has been a big year for the once small post-punk English band. The Cure was honored for their four-decade long career by being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. This month they stunned fans by playing an impressive show at the famed Glastonbury Festival, proving the band can hold their own in the modern music world. Among all the recent accolades and celebrations lead singer Robert Smith announced they have a new album on the way. Smith told Rolling Stone fans can expect a “dark” and “incredibly” intense album. He went on to say the band has recorded nearly 20 songs that all clock in more than 10 minutes. So far there is no official release date but Smith said the album might drop around October, which seems more than fitting for one of the more spooky music releases on this list.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Rihanna R9 2019

Every day there isn’t a new album from Rihanna is a bad day. The Barbados native has kept fans begging for more while she’s focused on her popular lingerie and makeup lines. Currently there are no confirmations about anything surrounding the album currently titled R9. Although in Interview magazine Rihanna told fans she is at least working on the album. While it has only been a little under 4 years since the last album listeners feel like it’s been decades. The singer feels no rush to put out music though, she has repeatedly told fans and interviewers she wants the album to be the best it can be. It’s speculated the album might be dropped before 2019 is over but this is all still speculation.

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Music Releases We Can’t Wait For

Post Malone 2019

Post Malone announced he is about to go on tour but still no album. Fans have been eagerly anticipating an album that as speculated to drop some time this year. During 2019 fans have only had a few singles, one of which was a surprise release last Christmas. Although the 24-year-old rapper just dropped a new single, hinting at a possible album release soon. “Goodbyes” came out July 5th and is a breakup song with a wicked beat. Young Thug joins Malone for the single that is expected to top the charts like nearly all his music releases do.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For


Last but certainly not least is the most speculated album on this list. Lorde crashed into mainstream music at the young age of 17 back in 2013 with her debut album Pure Heroine. It took four years until the New Zealand singer released her highly anticipated sophomore album. Melodrama was an episodic album that sparked rumors, intrigue and further heightened her as one of the best artists of our time. Now after celebrating the second anniversary of the album Lorde ignited insanity in her fans by confirming her third album is “in the oven”. She took to Instagram to thank her fans and get them hyped for what’s to come. While this release might be a little too early to anticipate it’s still one of the music releases that has listeners on the edge of their seats.

Music Releases We Can’t Wait For


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