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8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

Mushrooms are an excellent way to include some necessary nutrients in the diet, and some delicious mushroom recipes are the perfect way to glorify this beautifully versatile veggie. Mushrooms are packed full of nutrients and can easily be a substitute for red meat, as they are loaded full of B vitamins, good sources of fibre and are low in calories. And with their juicy goodness and meaty flavour, they are perfect for just about any savoury recipe.

Mushroom recipes are vast and range from using the mushroom as the sole star of the dish to using them as a garnish or side component to meatier dishes. Somewhere in between, mushroom recipes are perfect for an alternative to recipes which require red meat, and implementing mushrooms within the diet are an excellent way to reduce overconsumption of meat and red meat.

If you’re a massive fan of mushrooms like us and just have to order a dish or make a dish which features mushroom, then these eight mushroom recipes are a must-try for you!

1. Mushroom Rice

Rice infused with mushroom flavours and caramelised mushrooms sound absolutely divine. Combined magically for the perfect weeknight dish with this mushroom rice recipe from RecipeTin Eats, this mushroom recipe is relatively straight forward in its cooking procedure.

For a beautifully golden and caramelised look to your rice, brown the mushrooms first and remove them from the pan before adding in the rice, then add the mushrooms back in at the end. This ensures that all that rich mushroom flavour stains the rice and the flavour is really enhanced throughout the cook.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

2. Balsamic Soy Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Garlic and mushroom are like some sort of match made in heaven. And garlic mushrooms are a quick and easy solution to a vegetarian dinner recipe idea. But to spice things up just slightly, this balsamic soy roasted garlic mushrooms recipe from Recipes Feed Food definitely leaves us completely mesmerised. The golden hue on these mushroom is heavenly and really is too enjoyable for words.

The recipe calls for balsamic vinegar, soy sauce garlic and thyme, so it’s no wonder why these mushrooms look so jam-packed full of flavour and juicy. These are super simple to make in just twenty minutes and are perfect as a side dish for a barbecue or roast dinner.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

3. Chicken With Garlicky Mushroom Cream Sauce

When making an easy dinner recipe, we’re usually looking for recipes, or in this case mushroom recipes, that require minimal equipment, cutting and utensils. And this chicken with garlicky mushroom cream sauce recipe from The Kitchn delivers perfectly on that front. In just five simple steps, these chicken breast fillets are so wonderfully creamy and delicious in that creamy mushroom sauce that your family or you won’t be able to resist not eating them for long!

The trick to this recipe is to brown the mushrooms and chicken separately, then remove these from the pan and add the ingredients for the sauce. This ensures that all that incredibly rich flavour from the protein is soaked up by the sauce and works effortlessly together once combined again.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

4. Mushroom Stuffed Potato Cakes

Hmm, fluffy potato cakes. But potato cakes stuffed with mushroom, lemon and dill? Um, yes, please? These mushroom stuffed potato cakes from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen are super fluffy, airy and light, and are amazing as an appetiser, a small afternoon snack, or as a side dish at the lunch or dinner table.

You can easily substitute the dill for another herb of your choice, for example, parsley or coriander, and adding some red pepper chilli flakes to the mix really gives these gorgeous mushroom stuffed potato cakes the kick they deserve. While there is some assembly required for this one, this mushroom recipe will be well worth the wait and effort.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

5. Creamy Vegan Polenta With Mushrooms

If you’re looking for super simple, healthier dishes, then trying out polenta if you haven’t already is a must-do. Polenta is made from cornmeal, but can often become quite bland if you’re comparing it to potato, which is one of its main competitors. But nonetheless, polenta can be quite delicious when mixed with coconut milk, for a creamy texture that is sure to leave your mouth watering.

In this creamy vegan polenta with mushrooms recipe from Bianca Zapatka, ground polenta is used to create a creamy base to this dish. While any vegetables can really be used to top off this polenta, adding mushrooms and spinach has got to be a crowd favourite.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

6. Cream of Mushroom Soup

There’s nothing quite like a cup of warm cream of mushroom soup on those cold winter days to warm you up quickly. Most of the time, we neglect the effort of making a beautiful soup by using store-bought sachets or cans. And while this is perfect for the staff room or break room, if you’ve got the time on a cold day meant to stay indoors, making a winter soup yourself can be quite relaxing.

In this cream of mushroom soup from Cafe Delites, the creator uses fresh brown or cremini mushrooms and suggests using a combination of thyme and parsley for the additional herbs. While the cream is a central ingredient to this dish, in order to really make that rich creamy texture, adding a bit of flour really makes this hearty soup the beauty that it is.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

7. Cheesy Mustard and Mushroom Toast

If you’re looking for easy and quick lunch or dinner ideas, then making homemade little cheese toasts is the perfect option for you. Not quite a pizza, and not quite a grilled cheese but somewhere in between, this cheesy mustard toast with mushroom and thyme from Rhubarbians are easy to make and are simple vegetarian recipe for a mid-week meal.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words

8. Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

We can’t believe it took us this long to whip out one of our favourite good old fashioned stuffed mushroom recipes! So to finish off our list, what better way than with these herbed goat cheese stuffed mushrooms from Peas and Crayons?

They are stuffed with goats cheese and drizzled with a sweet and savoury balsamic reduction over the top. Like something out of a magazine, these stuffed mushrooms look just plain delicious.

8 Mushroom Recipes That Are Too Enjoyable For Words


What is your favourite type of mushroom? Have any of these mushroom recipes inspired you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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