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8 Movies To Watch When You Feel Lonely

8 Movies To Watch When You Feel Lonely

Here's our list of movies to watch when you feel lonely! Discover our selection of romantic, epic and absolutely worth watching films for those lonely days.

Loneliness is never pleasant: so why not distract yourself by watching movies? You can go back in time and watch a film from the 1950s, 1960s, in different languages…You will learn new things, and escape boredom. Certain movies are more interesting than others. Drama, romance, science-fiction: there are movies for every taste. You will have no reason to feel lonely!

Here are 8 movies to watch if you feel lonely and don’t know what to do.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Simon Langton (1995, Mini-Series, BBC)

Exceptionally well written, this 6 episodes adaptation of the most famous novel written by 18th century female writer Jane Austen is to watch again and again. Romance, drama, impossible love… all the ingredients of a great interesting story are there. Get lost into 18th century Britain- its charms and its hardships. And meet the fascinating and seducing Mr. Darcy.


2. Gladiator by Ridley Scott (2000, Film)

Exploring universal themes of freedom, justice and sacrifice, this brilliant film will hit your nerves. This story of murder, betrayal and vengeance will drive the honourable Maximus Decimus to go to hell and back. Follow the story of a Roman Empire General who lost everything, but who gave his heart and life to Rome. If you haven’t yet, this must be on your ‘ movies to watch’ list.

3. Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton (1999, Film)

Inspired by an urban gothic tale, this film is not only aesthetically interesting to watch, but the artistic performance of Johnny Depp is worth the attention. It is well known that he collaborated a lot with Tim Burton and it influenced his style. This movie is very pleasant to watch and mixes fantasy, romance, spookiness.

4. Suicide Squad by David Ayer (2016, Film)

Great 1970s playlist, great actors… this DC superhero movie is the ideal pick for a rainy Sunday afternoon. The plot is entertaining, and it will cut you from reality for a couple of hours. Who are the real bad guys? The dilemma of this whole movie. Margot Robbie is enchanting as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s crazy love.


5. Some Like It Hot by Billy Wilder (film, 1959)

This comedy is hilarious, and will give you the kick you need! Marilyn Monroe is absolutely divine and beautiful, and the duo Curtis/Lemmon works particularly well. This is the film where Monroe sings ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’. So funny, this film is hands down one of the best comedies.

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6. Moulin Rouge! by Baz Luhrmann (Film, 2001)

This musical melodrama is a bohemian and artistic portrayal of love and life in 19th century Paris. The decadence of the city and the young protagonist’s doomed life, Satine. This story of impossible and yet real true love will remind you of the Shakespearian Romeo and Juliet.


7. Joy by David O. Russell  (Film, 2010)

Jennifer Lawrence is very convincing as a divorced self-made millionaire. This film is inspirational and will make you want to take back control of your life. The talent with which Lawrence portrayed this woman’s struggle for her business and for her family is undeniable. This is Lawrence’s second collaboration with Bradley Cooper.

8. Cold Mountain by Anthony Minghella (Film, 2003)

This romantic drama is heartbreaking, but it’s an oh so worth watching film. The couple Kidman/Law will make you believe in true everlasting love. Very realistic due to its impossibility (*sigh*), this portrait of true love in the midst of Civil War in America will leave you satisfied.

Which movie would you watch if you feel a bit lonely?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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