Why You Should Move To Edinburgh After A Heart Break

Why You Should Move To Edinburgh After A Heart Break

Heart break is never easy, but there should always be ways to ease the emotional pain and burden you carry. Many say the best thing to achieve this passing process is to take time out for yourself. However, an even better way is to pack up your life and simply move to Edinburgh. Why not jump into the deep end and take the risk, because here’s why moving to Edinburgh after a heart break is the best cure.

1. You’ll learn to live for yourself.

After a heart break, the hardest part is becoming yourself again. Learning to live for you and taking each day at time at your pace is very important. Taking this time for yourself couldn’t be easier to do in Edinburgh, and if anything, you learn to be at peace and learn new ways to live for you and only you. Show them you are better and you can do what you want in life, heartbreak or not. Learn to be free and be yourself, because you are fabulous and deserve to be happy.


2. Start over.

This can be your fresh start, and what better a place to start all over again, and put the past to rest, than a city like Edinburgh. This is only one of many steps on your road to happiness after a heartbreak, but it may also be an important one. It may take some time, but you need to accept the past to start over and begin again; and this time around, it’s for you. You can already hear the clinking of glasses as you cheer yourself on to this move, knowing full well this decision will not end in regret. Be the power you know you have within you.

3. Dance and make your own happiness.

Sometimes all you need is to go out and have a good time to take away from your worries. Play that song that lets you cry, and let it all out there. Don’t bottle up your emotions. Edinburgh is the perfect place for this, as there is no lack of bars or clubs for a quick dance to realise all those emotions you kept bottled up were not worth the extra heart ache. Get out there and start cutting those shapes and getting loose.


4. Take the plunge again.

You took one entering into a relationship and look where that left you. Well this time go one step further and come to Edinburgh. Join the culture and greatness that surrounds the city, take the plunge and don’t hope to sink, swim or float. Instead make a slash and go for it!. Take that dive into your new life or you may just end up regretting it. You never know until you try.

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5. Mo money, less problems.

Now you don’t need to waste your money on useless activities and instead can spend the money you would save entirely on yourself. You can be the centre of your own happiness and what a better way to make a great new start in such an expensive city like Edinburgh. Now you can afford to live here, so why not soak up this new adventure and start making the best out of life?


Go you! Get out there and start living for yourself. Heartbreak doesn’t always have to be negative; sometimes there can be a positive side, you just have to accept it. Learn that you can do this, and if you struggle, don’t worry, the great city of Edinburgh has your back. These reasons will show you why moving to Edinburgh is the greatest excuse after a heartbreak.

And those are 5 reasons why you should move to Edinburgh after a heart break. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!
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