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Mother’s Day Movie Ideas The Both Of You Can Enjoy

Mother’s Day Movie Ideas The Both Of You Can Enjoy

Mother's Day Movie Ideas The Both Of You Can Enjoy

There’s nothing better than spending time with your mum. So, this Mother’s Day, take some time out to watch a Mother’s Day movie with her!

Here are some Mother’s Day movies you should consider and tips on how to make your night in with your mum perfect.


1. Mother’s Day

If this didn’t make the top of the film suggestions, this whole article would be wrong. Watching Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson struggle through their problems in the run up to Mother’s Day is a must. It may only have a 5.6 out of 10 IMDb rating, but that shouldn’t stop you watching Mother’s Day this Mother’s Day!


2. Mamma Mia

Maybe this is the most obvious Mother’s Day movie. It’s the story of a developing relationship between mother and daughter in the run up to the daughter’s wedding. It’s such a feel-good film and you should definitely sing along to the incredible ABBA soundtrack with your mum!

3. Bad Moms

Take a look at a different approach to parenting with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell and watch Bad Moms this Mother’s Day. This is a better Mother’s Day movie idea if you and your mum aren’t into that sappy crap. Watching them let loose is a great way to have a laugh and a reminder that not all parenting techniques are perfect.


4. Freaky Friday

Whether you prefer the 1976 original or a bit of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan, this is a great pick for a Mother’s Day movie. This fractured mother-daughter relationship story is comedy gold and 100% uplifting.

5. The Greatest Showman

This may not be a film about mums and daughters but you can bet it’s one you’ll both enjoy. No one can resist this toe-tapper. This is the ultimate uplifting film that will brighten your already bright Mother’s Day. Maybe combine it with some peanuts for the whole circus experience?


1. Popcorn

This classic film snack works great for an effortless Mother’s Day movie night.


2. Mini cheesecakes

Add a hint of Afternoon Tea to your film snacks by buying or making some mini cheesecakes. If you feel like having a go at making them yourself, here are 25 recipes to choose from. Ranging from being topped with chocolate covered strawberries to a black forest gateaux inspired bake, check out the extensive list of ideas!

3. Fruit skewers

Add some colour to your film with some delicious fruit skewers. Grab some strawberries, melon, apple, and whatever your mum’s favourite fruit is and stick them on a stick!

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4. Rice Krispie treats

Is there anything easier to bake than Rice Krispie treats? Add a bit of variety to the world’s simplest snack by making this cute adaptation. These hearts will put a smile on your mum’s face without a doubt. You will have to put up with the crunching disturning your film though. But you can’t win them all.


1. A pamper night

Have you considered turning your film night into a full on pamper night? Put your dressing gowns on, pour a glass of your favourite wine and chill.


2. The run up

Make a day of it instead of just a night. Make your mum some Afternoon Tea or take her out for lunch. Maybe treat her to a spa day? Make sure she’s totally relaxed when you sit down for your film night.

What’s important is you spend time together. Don’t worry that your Mother’s Day movie choice isn’t perfect or you haven’t baked her a cake, just know that she appreciates your making time in your busy life for an evening in with her on Mother’s Day.


What Mother’s Day movie are you going to watch? Leave a comment!

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