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Top 5 Most Underrated Cities In England

Top 5 Most Underrated Cities In England

Top 5 Most Underrated Cities In England

Unfortunately, there are some cities in England that do not generate much tourism, especially in comparison to the likes of London and Manchester. In part due to the popularity of these main British cities, there are many off-the-beaten path locations that are overlooked but are well worth exploring. Therefore, we have complied a list of five places we think you should visit next time you are travelling to England.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Despite being a largely unexplored city to tourists, partly due to its cold weather, Newcastle upon Tyne is a popular destination for citizens of the United Kingdom and is renowned for being alive with architecture and culture. The most famous city in the North-East of England, it is famous for Newcastle United Football Club, its nightlife, its green spaces and its good transport links to other areas in this part of England. Some of the most popular tourist attractions and landmarks are the Tyne Bridge (pictured below), the Quayside and St. James’ Park.



Located near Scotland, Carlisle is one of the United Kingdom’s most historical cities and is situated in Cumbria. This city has a wealth of historical attributes, as it was a significant setting during the Roman Empire, and is now frequently visited by British racing enthusiasts due to it being the home of the nationally famous Carlisle Racecourse. Some of the most popular tourist attraction in and around the area are the Lake District, Dove Cottage (Wordsworth’s House), Carlisle Castle, Talkin Tarn County Park and the remains of Hadrian’s Wall.


Internationally known as the “City of Steel” – due to it’s links to the Industrial Revolution – Sheffield is now also credited at the Greenest City in England. This south Yorkshire city houses several historic streets dating back to the medieval period and has a plethora of cultural connections that are definitely worth visiting. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are The Peak District National Park, The Winter Botanic Gardens, Stanage Edge – which partly inspired Charlotte Bronte’s Victorian novel Jane Eyre – and the Sheffield Cathedral.

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The birthplace of the famous Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is another under-the-radar city that is not frequently visited by tourists in England. The city, based in the wide constituency of Nottinghamshire, is nationally renowned for its arts scene, historical monuments, culture and wildlife – even being home to one of England’s largest forests. Some popular tourist attractions are Sherwood Forest, the Highfields Lake, Attenborough Nature Reserve, Wollaton Hall and Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem which is allegedly the oldest pub in the United Kingdom dating back to 1189.



Finally, Chester is one of the most infrequently visited tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. The city is located in the constituency of Cheshire and is relatively unheard outside Northern England albeit being one of England’s most historic and beautiful destinations. It is the perfect location for a weekend break or short shopping trip and some of its popular and particularly famous tourist attractions are Chester Zoo, Chester Racecourse – which is the oldest in the United Kingdom – and it’s 1000 year old cathedral. Other spots worth visiting in the surrounding area are the Cheshire Gardens, the Cheshire Countryside, Cheshire Oaks and Tatton Park.

We hope that our article inspires you to visit these famously underrated cities on your next trip into England! Have you already visited any of these destinations? Do you feel that any other English cities are overlooked by international tourists? Please let us know about your thoughts, opinions and travels in the comments section below!
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