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The 20 Most Popular Women’s Tattoos That Will Inspire You

The 20 Most Popular Women’s Tattoos That Will Inspire You

Here are some of the most popular women's tattoos for any girl thinking of getting some ink! No matter what you're looking for there's a design for you!

The idea of a cute little tattoo, or a beautifully designed masterpiece adorning your body is seductive in its own right. You might want one for the simple pleasure of looking fabulous, or you may long for something along the lines of inspirational. Some of you may enjoy requesting a personalised design or they trust the artist to replicate an image, quote or symbol you came across and fell in love with. Whichever the decision, you can be sure that in the hands of expertise, you shall look mighty fine as a result. So, check out these popular women’s tattoos!

Pretty Sleeve

This design speaks of bohemian creativity. An intricate merging of a dream-catcher and natural patterns. A lovely example of artistic inspiration. This is one of the most bad ass popular women’s tattoos!

Mother Nature

Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for a light leaf design? If dainty decor is your type of thing, then this popular find may inspire you to get inked yourself.


Cross My Heart

A fine line drawn into a classic cross, with sweet pink florals twisted around each point. This design is simple yet moderately effective, in both the spiritual and visually pleasing sense.

Moment In Time

It appears as a faint image of a softly pink flower- its stem parallel to a spelt out date in time. Would you like a memorabilia of something special to you on your forearm? It look precious, be inspired & go get it.

High Flyer

Simple. Elegant. Inspirational. Wings flying the sky, a tiny bird inked onto your side wrist. They say a painting speaks a thousand words. This image would speak for itself!


Beauty On The Continent

A fine design on fine skin. This depiction of a country by ink is quite exceptional. This is one of the most simple, yet elegant popular women’s tattoos!

Fancy Bracelet In Ink Form

If this tattoo idea doesn’t send your thoughts into a geometric haze and convince you to get one yourself or at least feel admiration I’m not quite sure what will…

Daintiness Continued

Daisies, roses, black orchids, they all stem into something wonderful in the design of a talented tattoo artist.


Gentle Patterns

This spray of simple leaves- leaves the wearer proud and passers-by jealous: in the best of ways.

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Inspiration In Waves

Continuing my earlier statement that an image will speak for itself- the connotations of a lone beach wave whisper of freedom, serenity, ultimate relaxation, the gradual lunar drag and pull of the ocean… I’m sold and inspired to say the least.


Winged Beauties

Winged and feathered beauties adorning your body. Positioned next to a meaningful can transform a pleasant picture to an inspirational message.

Simplicity Is The Way

A tiny heart implying affection of the sweetest kind; love for yourself (the most important) or love for your counterpart, someone special.

Styled Like Medusa

Suggestive, elaborate reminds me personally of Donatella Versace. I would not say no to that reputation. Inspired to be majestic.


Faith, Hope & Love

The epitome of inspiration in a tattoo! A merging of a heartbeat signal and the classic symbol of love, a simple heart sign.

What do you think of these popular women’s tattoos? Let us know in the comments below!

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