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The 10 Most Instagrammable London Ice Cream Spots

The 10 Most Instagrammable London Ice Cream Spots

Here are the best London ice cream spots! Discover our pick of London ice cream spots where you can take the perfect Instagram Picture!

Sightseeing in London is a fun and timely task to see everything you can. There is no doubt that you’ll be wanting photos of beautiful hotspots to spruce up your Instagram feed. Besides famous landmarks, you’ll be wanting somewhere to stop off to eat and drink. If it’s a hot sunny day you’ll be needing some refreshing ice cream. We have chosen ten of the most Instagrammable London ice cream spots to visit. You’ll surely be wanting to stop off at some of the most hidden gems for aesthetically pleasing takes on scrumptious ice cream!

1. Cereal Killer Cafe

Found in Camden Market, it is a striking take on ice cream with many dairy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. This ice cream parlour is a gem and is a great spot to take the perfect Instagram photo. It will have your followers mouths watering! With a stunning interior in pretty pastel colours and sweet treats to choose from, this is definitely somewhere not to be missed while you’re in London.

2. Soft Serve Society

Just off Shoreditch High Street Station is one of the fanciest and thickest soft serve ice creams to get your tongue on. Soft Serve Society whips up the softest ice cream with unique toppings using popcorn and marshmallows for that extra sweet kick. This is one of the most favourited dessert places to go in Shoreditch and we can see why. Get ready to get the camera ready because you’re about to be served some aesthetically pleasing ice cream that you’ll want to admire for hours upon end.


3. Chin Chin Dessert Club

Covent Gardens is full of ice cream parlours showing off their appetising treats. Chin Chin Dessert Club is one of Greek Street’s best London ice cream spots. You’ll find gorgeously served portions of baked treats with a variety of flavours to choose from. Its perfect spot for light indoor eating or outdoor eating and gives plentiful opportunity to get the Instagram feed buzzing with these inviting treats.

4. Yorica

Located on Wardour Street, Yorica is one of the most stunning London ice cream spots with beautifully crafted hand-made ice cream. What’s more is that all of the ice cream created is all plant-based. It is London’s first dairy, gluten and nut free ice-creamery. With an interior inspired by a Sydney surf shack, this is definitely the place to be to get you in those summer vibes. Yorica uses fresh fruit, brownies and marshmallows to add that extra sweetness to the tasty ice cream. It of course, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can get that on point Instagram picture with many beautiful ice cream combinations.


5. Milk Train Cafe

Next to Leicester Square is one of London’s most eccentric and wackiest ways to eat ice cream. Milk Train Cafe serves ice cream soft serve ice cream with candy floss. The candy floss is a tasty and stunning way to decorate ice cream. It also makes the pastel colours look breathtaking. Get ready to gloss up your Instagram feed with this incredible ice cream spot and colour it up.

6. Gelupo

If you want the best Italian artisan gelato in London then we definitely recommend you try Gelupo. You’ll find it on Archer Street next to Chinatown. Its refreshing ice cream is inspired by the Alps. it will definitely cool you down when you break a sweat sightseeing on a hot afternoon. Gelupo not only has ice creams that are served beautifully in blue and white tubs with matching interior, it also serves ice cream that is dairy free!

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7. Udderlicious Ice Cream

Inside Udderlicious Ice Cream is a quirky retro styled parlour boasting bright beautiful colours with a warm welcoming environment, bound to cool you down. Accessible via Essex Road Station it is a popular ice cream spot serving pastel colour and gorgeous flavours of ice cream giving you plenty of options to lay your tongue on. If you are looking to theme your Instagram feed with a retro and vintage feel then this is definitely a great location. You’ll get plenty of opportunities indoors and outdoors to snap that much-loved photo.

8. Ruby Violet

With mixing bejewelling colours with the classic American Diner interior, Ruby Violet serves some of the most themed up ice cream in the capital. The emporium can whip you up some feel-good flavours including watermelon and mint or even blood orange or pink gooseberry. The creativity is endless and is one of London’s hidden wonders. You’ll definitely not want to miss this ice cream spot if you are looking for that photo to tone up your Instagram feed with glossy treats and retro interior. On top of this, Ruby Violet is located just off Tufnell Park on Fortess Road and is a must go, while you’re in the city!

9. Yolkin

If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, you can always visit Yolkin in Covent Gardens behind Leicester Theatre. Yolkin creatively caters to your ice cream cravings with these stunning quirky and eccentric and beautifully made ice cream sandwiches. Take the macaron game up a level with these tasty desserts in the heart of London. This is perfect for that alternative Instagram photo to theme up your feed with a dessert to get your followers mouths watering.


10. Bubblewrap London

Bubblewrap is taking Instagram by storm with it being one of the trendiest desserts that look peculiarly pleasing. This ice cream is a delicacy which originated in Hong Kong. It combines waffles and ice cream with tasty toppings including chocolate sauce, fruit and sprinkles. Located around the corner from Leicester Square Station, it is one the most enjoyable Instagrammable London ice cream spots. Try this creatively stunning dessert!

These are some of our favourite London ice cream spots to Instagram. Which ones are your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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