The 20 Most Instagram-Worthy Foods In London

Here are the 10 most Instagram-worthy foods in London to not only satisfy your hunger, but to spice up your Instagram feed.

You know there are Instagram-worthy foods in London – you’ve seen them all over Instagram. But once you’re actually there, it’s hard to know where to start, and all you know is that the London Eye didn’t seem to have a rainbow beigel stand or even bubble waffles. London is full of plenty amazing restaurants to eat, as well as many places to take solid photos for social media. To save your feed from a series of McDonald’s and fish and chips, look below to see the 10 most Instagram-Worthy foods in London, and where exactly you can find them.

*This piece is a collaboration with Harriet Bradley.

1. Peggy Porchsen

Definitely the most Instagram worthy food and café in London. Pink flowers complete adorn the entrance to this rightly named ‘cake heaven’. Continuing with the beautiful floral theme of the exterior, the interior of this café is boasts chandeliers, pastel coloured lilies and Georgian finishes. However, the real art lies in the selection of delectable cakes, from strawberry and champagne all the way to Victoriana. An Instagram worthy win.


2. Laduree

Another spot for Instagram-worthy foods in London is this cafe, right in the heart of London. In fact, they have many cafes in the heart of London; Soho and Covent Gardens being the loveliest. The Instagram worthy nature of Laduree lies in it’s ability to make every customer feel like they are sitting down to couture high tea. With the highest range of pink and pastel, sweet and savoury goods, its no wonder the French café has been such an Instagram hit!

3. Milk Train

Calling all smartphones! Ice cream on a bed of candyfloss? I feel like Conor Maynard when I say ‘Can’t Say No’. At first glance, the cue outside this pop up restaurant a few feet from Covent Garden’s Apple Market might be daunting, but consider a Milk Train ice cream totally worth the wait, as its completely flavour tailored to you. This one gets a top Instagram Worthy rating, it’s just a shame a photo might not make it to social media before it’s eaten.



4. Café Concerto

The most regal of the Instagram worthy bunch for sure. Dine under what feels like an infinite amount of chandeliers while waiters in waistcoats serve you the most detailed cake ever. And the best part, their restaurant in Knightsbridge is right opposite Harrods so you can lunch lie never before and get and people watch Harrods’ finest. Also serving helpings of macaroons, a selection of teas, and finger sandwiches, would it be too soon to start seeing ‘Be Our Guest’ before posting?

5. Breakfast Club

I’m a sweet person. Yep, definitely sweet. But even if I was savoury, the breakfast club would still be completely satisfying. The classic pancakes and syrup this American style brunch café serve is right up my street. And it should be up yours too! Not just topped with syrup, but also with cream, strawberries, blackberries, icing sugar and anything your heart might desire, breakfast clubs pancakes just keep on winning and queening.


6. GBK

You would have to be living on Mars to not appreciate the award winning burger talent that is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. And its not only the food which offers Instagram worthy ability, with GBK’s King’s Road store interior modelled after a1950’s burger joint. The best of the greasy British burger bunch.

7. Ricardo’s Italian Restaurant

I know I talk about Italian food a lot, but that’s because it just keeps on giving! At Ricardo’s Restaurant you can finally have a real life Lady and the Tramp moment with a bowl of their superb pasta and meatballs, but knowing our track record, it’ll probably be a whole lot messier. The closest to authentic Italian food in London that this pasta fanatic thinks you’ll ever get.



8. Pizza Pilgrims

The ultimate student pizza parlour, suitable for anything from end of year celebrations to sweet little meet ups and even hangovers, Pizza Pilgrims provides all the pizza comfort you’ll ever need. The most unique and special thing about their pizzas would be the fact that they are stone baked and burnt at the edges for that small slice of ultra-perfection. This is contrasted with a super cheesy middle, making for the best Insta-photo to make your followers that little bit jealous. Oh, you’ve got hot dog legs? I’ve got Pizza Pilgrims.


9. Carluccio’s

Carluccio’s takes that classic Italian bowl of pasta and turns it into a meal that cannot be matched. Insanely popular, their menus span everything from seafood to roast pots. Its wonderful to have restaurants that suit your food mood on standby; be it the strange unknown or comfort food. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Carluccio’s has your Instagram feed covered.

10. Strada

Whether you’re in the mood for main meals or dessert, Strada delivers a premiere service of Instagram worthy foods, be they pizza, pasta or ice cream. But it would be the ultimate crime not to take a moment to acknowledge the sheer mastery of their chocolate fondant. Salted caramel ice cream served with still warm chocolate cake oozing gooey chocolate sauce, the fondant is the perfect way to end your meal. Your feed will never be the same.



11. Grab a rainbow croissant from Brick Lane.

What, you thought that rainbow beigels were the only rainbow food item sold by the Beigel Shop on Brick Lane? Think again. These croissants are beautiful, totally Instagram-worthy, but also won’t break your bank – these babies are currently only £1.00.

12. Eat tarts that look like flowers from Lili Vanilli.

You had to look twice, right? But these flowery creations are totally edible. To pick up a bunch of these rose apple custard tarts, head to Lili Vanilli on Columbia Road.



13. Say what you mean with letter doughnuts from Boxpark, Croydon.

These doughnut messages can say anything you like. Examples from the Dum Dum Doughnuts Instagram page include ‘Happy Birthday’ and most adorably, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Who could say no if you ask with doughnuts?



14. Get fancy with macaroons from Laduree.

It might be Paris who is famous for its macaroons, but that doesn’t mean that London can’t get in on this top class Instagram food too. Hands down the best place to get macaroons in London is Laduree, and you can find them conveniently located in Harrods or Covent Garden.

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15. Pour yourself some cereal at Cereal Killer.

Huh? But you’ve got cereal at home, right? Not like this you haven’t – this is cereal like you’ve never seen it before. An array of mixed flavours topped with skittles, chocolate, happy hippos or paired with pink milk, this is the best your breakfast cereal has ever looked. You can find Cereal Killer on Brick Lane.



16. Grab a free-from bubble waffle from Yorica.

Being vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy intolerant doesn’t mean you have to be left out, Yorica has your back. This bubble waffle and all its contents are completely allergen free, which means you can munch your tasty treat without worrying – after you’ve put a snap on Instagram, of course. You can find Yorica in their shop in Soho or in their van at Greenwich Market.


17. Get the freak-shake of your life at Miki’s Paradise.

When a milkshake has this many toppings, it becomes a food. Topped with full-size oreo brownies, ice cream, cream, and melted chocolate, it’s no wonder that these are amongst the most famous freak-shakes in London. Find Miki’s Paradise on Holloway Road.



18. Meet London’s most photogenic burger at The Vurger Co.

Burgers and Instagram are a tough one. They look so good on your plate, but once they’re in front of the camera everything just starts to look a little messy. Not with Vurger. Carefully crafted and complete with a little flag to keep it from falling apart, Vurgers are not only Instagram-Worthy but vegan friendly too. Take your veggie friends for good food and good photo ops. Hit The Vurger Co. on Coventry Road or Tottenham Green.



19. Go full British with Cream Tea.

Fortnum & Mason have won awards for their cream tea and it’s easy to see why. With such precise attention to detail, these teas are 100% Instagram-Worthy. For the best cream tea London has to offer, head to Piccadilly.


20. Brick Lane’s famous rainbow beigel.

The rainbow beigel hasn’t been completely wiped out by the rainbow croissant. Although there may be a new kid on the block, the rainbow biegel is still going strong and is incredibly easy to photograph. Pick one up from the Brick Lane Beigel Shop while you’re grabbing your croissant.

What are your favorite Instagram-worthy foods in London? Share in the comments below!
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