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The 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Food In Ipswich

The 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Food In Ipswich

From pubs to fine dining, the possibilities are endless in Ipswich.Read on for my top 10 places to find Instagram-worthy food in Ipswich.

From contemporary pubs to fine dining, romantic restaurants, fine wine to real ales, burgers to pizza, Indian to Noodles the choice is endless in Ipswich. As soon as you enter Ipswich you will notice the aroma of garlic and spices to start your mouth watering, where do you begin? My top ten cover all the above and I hope this helps you to choose where to eat food in Ipswich!

I’m going to start with number ten and hope this won’t end with you and your friends in a ‘hung parliament.’

10.  The Swan

4 stars. British pub. Vegetarian friendly.


The Great British Breakfast obvious choice.



9.  Prezzos

The Italian dining experience or lunch.  Where you can enjoy a Italian sandwich and fries or a salad.




8. Wagamama

Japanese, Asian order a mouthwatering sirloin steak Ramon, if you have a big appetite this is the one for you.



7.  Chimichanga

Mexican and who can resist Nachos full of flavour and you can share with your friends.


6. At Twenty5

European/British food. Their burgers are the best!



5.  Zaika

Indian Cuisine of a high standard.  I couldn’t pick a favorite off the menu.. I suggest you try as much as you can lovely spices and aroma.

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4.  Alaturka

Turkish traditional cuisine. Hot Mezzes from squid to grilled Turkish sausage I consider all Instagram worthy.

3. Mizu Noodle Bar

Fairly new to Ipswich I highly recommend you try The Bento meals Teriyaki chicken pan fried Thai rolls, yum..



2.  Kaspar’s

Couldn’t do a list without adding the delights of Kaspar desserts. OMG you have to try the waffles and so Instagram worthy.  I think you will agree.


1. The Waterfront Bistro

Offering A La Cart cuisine and we can’t do a list that doesn’t include a six ounce sirloin steak…


Who would have thought Ipswich had so much to offer?


Now I’m going to raid my kitchen…

Do you know any other places for Instagram worthy food in Ipswich? Let us know in the comments below!
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