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10 Of The Most Iconic Grammy Award Outfits

10 Of The Most Iconic Grammy Award Outfits

With the Grammy Awards creeping upon us, the red carpet is renowned for showcasing iconic fashion moments. Check out our top ten Grammy Award outfits!

With the Grammy Award season slowly drawing upon us, artists and musicians worldwide are dusting off their daytime attire and getting ready to slip into something a bit more glamorous all ready to celebrate one of the most prestigious nights in the music world.

From barely-there outfits to elaborate and completely OTT attires, the Grammy Awards red carpet has been home to many different fashion looks. Carry on reading as we count down the top ten most iconic Grammy Award Outfits. 

10.) Missy Elliot (2006)

Legendary rapper and trailblazer Missy Elliot has been renowned to keep things casual, especially on a red carpet. However, in 2006 the Work It rapper swapped her tracksuit bottoms and gold chains for a denim suit and matching hat. Oh, so noughties. 


9.) Cher (1974)

A young Cher looked like an Egyptian goddess at the 1974 Grammy Awards. Showing her famously toned abs while donning a white bandeau top and matching bottom accessories. Have you ever saw anything more, Cher? 

8.) Pharrell Williams (2014)

At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Pharrell Williams not only became a recipient of four Grammys but he also became a viral sensation thanks to his oversized Vivienne Westwood hat. The hat was the talk of the ceremony, both on and off the red carpet. There was even a parody Twitter account of the hat itself. Pharrell later sold the hat for $40,000 to benefit his educational non-profit organisation, From One Hand To Another. 

7.) Lady GaGa (2010)

2010 was the year of the GaGa. Receiving five nominations at the 2010 Grammy Awards, GaGa turned heads when she set foot into the red carpet; donning a trippy, celestial ensemble designed by fashion legend Georgio Armani. 


6.) Lil Kim (2002)

Rapper Lil’ Kim ramped up her racy signature style as soon as she set foot on the 2002 Grammy Awards red carpet. Showing up in a pair of low slung, moto-influenced leather pants with a matching cropped jacket. The highlight of this look? The Chanel belt and motorcycle helmet; cause you never know when you’ve gotta catch a ride on a motorbike right Kim?

5.) Madonna (2015)

From a material girl to a leather dominatrix, good old Madge donned a custom Givenchy ensemble that seemed part matador and part dominatrix. Madonna is renowned for her scene-stealing red carpet looks, however, the Hung Up singer ramped up the sex appeal on the red carpet by flashing them revealing a thong, fishnets and her famously fit bottom. 

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4.) Beyoncé (2017)

Beyoncé pretty much looks good in anything she wears. She can be in sweatpants and a jumper and she would still look flawless. Here in 2017 not only did she perform pregnant, but she also became one of the best dressed of the night in her dazzling Peter Dundas number. Tbh, we think it’s the most glamour maternity gown ever. 

3.) Jennifer Lopez (2001)

At the start of the noughties, we saw Jennifer Lopez sport a plunging Versace dress on the Grammy Awards red carpet. The dress instantly received significant media coverage and in addition was a turning point in Donatella Versace’s career after the tragic death of her brother, Giana Versace. The sheer fabric was printed with a tropical leaf and bamboo pattern and cut with a very low neckline that extended way past JLo’s naval. 

2.) Prince (1988)

The legend that is Prince took his already outrageous fashion style to new heights with the attire he donned for the 1988 Grammy Awards. The ensemble included a double-breasted, low cut, black and white polka dot suit with a matching pair of heels. This gender fluid outfit was definitely a sign of the times back in the bright and vibrant ’80s.


1.) Rihanna (2015)

As soon as Rihanna set foot on the Grammy Awards red carpet back in 2015, she not only caught the attention of pretty much everybody attending but she also turned herself into an Internet meme which exploded through the twitter universe. The cause? Her eye-catching triple layered pink princess gown. The couture was created by Giambattista Valli and remains one of the biggest gowns to ever have graced the Grammy’s red carpet.

What are some of your favourite Grammy red carpet looks? Let us know in the comments! 

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