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20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat In Nottingham Before You Graduate

20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat In Nottingham Before You Graduate

There are so many things that you need to eat in Nottingham. Before you graduate, make sure you check out these awesome restaurants.

Nottingham has SO. MUCH. FOOD. If you struggle with making decisions then eating in Notts is gunna be tricky. But to be honest where ever you end up choosing you will be happy. There are so many things that you need to eat in Nottingham. To make it easier, here are 20 things you must try before you leave (it was hard to pick just 20).

1. A burger at Mooch

It’s the SU bar so you’ve got to go. Plus it’s on campus so couldn’t be more convenient in between/after lectures – they’ve started doing waffles and freakshakes now too.

2. Fish and chips at Georges Great British Kitchen

They bring the sea side to the land locked city and do candy floss for pudding, do I need to say more?



3. A Sunday sharing roast at Pitcher and Piano

Inside an old church it’s so beaut! Perfect for everyone, Sunday lunch with the fam or cocktails with the girls. The Sunday piano man makes it extra lovely.

4. TAPAS at Baresca

A fabulous selection of amazing Catalonian inspired food from Barcelona (plus jugs of sangria). One to keep going back to.



5. Dinner at Edins Café

Lovely food, great price and cosy setting!

6. A burger at Annie’s burger shack

Every single burger can be meat, vegetarian or vegan. There’s the Elvis burger, the Greek burger, the SUNDAY DINNER burger. Basically their burger toppings go above and beyond. Check them out.


7. A sandwich at the Ugly Bread Bakery.

They have a huge focaccia counter filled with beautifully filled breads plus pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


8. Lunch at Rough Trade

The newest of the Rough Trade stores (London, NYC and NOTTS) has an open til late café/bar which is a great place to hang out and have a coffee/beer.



9. BBQ at Miss Korea

Eat and have fun cooking Korean BBQ food

10. CAKE at Home made – Or a salad.

They do a really good halloumi one. Plus they serve fish fingers sandwiches AKA one of the best inventions ever. Supporting local suppliers and using the best quality ingredients they make fabulous cake and serve it in laid back cosy cafés. Also, they’ve won many many awards over the years!



11. A pate or cheese or veggie/vegan or fish or continental or Foxy board at Fox café.

It’s cute and cosy. It serves all the options. It caters for veggie/vegan/gluten free.

12. Pudding at the pudding pantry.

The best place to go for dessert lovers. Puddings, cakes and afternoon tea is has everything you need. Plus I’ve seen spectacular milk shakes all over Insta recently.




13. Vegan brunch at Crocus Café

A little community run vegetarian and vegan café located in Lenton. If you’re looking for student budget friendly food not far from your front door this is the place to go. If you’re feeling generous pay in advance for a meal for someone less fortunate than yourself to eat one day!!


14. Sourdough EVERYTHING from the Small Food Bakery

Sourdough bread/toast (forever a favourite food), loose leaf tea, cinnamon buns, pizza just to name a few things! and it’s all made on site from local produce… it is just so lovely plus it’s at the top of Lenton so a perfect location for rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning


15. Thai street food at Zaap – Sit in a tuk tuk, take in the atmosphere and choose from loads of thai dishes.



16. Brunch at Toast

Another one close to Lenton. Brunch, Lunch, Coffee – a lovely local café deli.

17. Meat and a Mac n Cheese side with anything at Reds True Barbecue

You will leave satisfied.

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18. Something fancy at Hockley Arts Club

One of the coolest newer venues in town. Accompany your food with one of their special cocktails.






Independent makers of exceptional Pizza. They have a full menu and a full vegan menu too.



20. A doughnut from the Nottingham Doughnut Co

Jam (of course), chocolate orange, the ‘woughnut’ (waffle on doughnut), banoffee dough, pic and mix, Lemon Meringue pie, glazed Nutella, banana split, carrot cake, ultimate cream egg, apple crumble, rhubarb crumble, and they do vegan options like the cherry bakewell, cornflake tart, chocolate Oreo and peanut butter Oreo. THERE’S JUST SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAVOURS





Basically, you will never go hungry in Notts and your bank balance will hate you when you try to go everywhere before graduation.

What are some other things that you need to eat in Nottingham? Comment below!
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