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8 Most Creative Music Videos You Should Check Out

8 Most Creative Music Videos You Should Check Out

Skipping out on music videos lately? Well don't! You're missing out on these 8 creative, unique and spectacular music videos.

In this age of technological revolution, music artists do not limit themselves to the single production of sound art. The visuals are taking over! The more creativity you put to use and the more the result compliments the idea behind your track – the better! Here are 8 innovative music videos that will let your imagination run wild.

1. All Is Full Of Love by Bjork (1999)

Directed by Chris Cunningham, this award-winning video is a short love story between two robots. It begins by showing the process of their construction up to the moment the two passionately share a kiss. The plot explores the interplay between technology that is assumingly inanimate and soulless and a strong feeling of love and affection. Seems like Bjork could foresee the future!

2. The Universal by Blur (1995)

If you are a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s works, you gonna love this! Having referenced the whole 20th-century science fiction theme, the video is a tribute to the remarkable movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’. It depicts Damon Albarn dressed up as Alex DeLarge with his signature black eyeliner look while other band members act as his ‘droogs’. The boys are chilling at the Milk bar and showing the viewers the weird interactions between different visitors of the bar.


3. Apes**t by The Carters (2018)

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard about this release, let me tell you, it blew up the Internet right when it came out. The most renowned hip hop couple – the queen herself Beyonce and her husband, the rapper Jay Z – made an exclusive collaboration thereby refuting any speculations about their divorce. The video was shot in the Louvre Museum in Paris and portrays a few of the most famous fine art paintings, including the Mona Lisa. The clip plays around the comparison between the era of Renaissance and the modern culture as well as the depiction of the norms of masculinity and femininity.

4. One Kiss by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris (2018)

You might have heard this song playing on every radio station, from every speaker wherever you go too… but you might have missed the amazing visual masterpiece that goes along with it. The clip can be described as ‘trippy’ due to the choice of the background, the sense of recognizable artificiality, as well as the 80s feeling, portrayed through the costume choice and the visuals. After watching this, you would want to pack your bags, get somewhere tropical, embody Dua Lipa’s style and party up with the local Calvin Harris.

5. The One Moment by Ok Go (2016)

Hands down, Ok Go have the most ingenious and unique music video ideas out there. Their first banger that was brought out back in 2009, ‘Here It Goes Again’, was a one-take 3 minute-long clip of them jumping on and off the treadmill. In one of their later creation, ‘The One Moment’, the band members are toying with various props, such as a bunch of violins, inflated balloons filled with colored liquid and a gigantic glass mirror. The props are all being detonated to the sounds of Ok Go’s music. The video is visually appealing and extremely satisfying to watch because most of the explosions are shown in slow-motion.

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6. That Other Girl by SEVDALIZA (2015)

If Dua Lipa’s One Kiss was not trippy enough for you, this video will make your imagination go places. This Dutch musician, whose real name is Sevda Alizadeh, describes her music style as trip pop or avant-pop, alluding to the avant-garde art movement. Her art, encompassing both music and the visuals, is experimental, drastic and somewhat defiant, but cool and whimsical at the same time. The video feels like an ad from the year 3019, where the artist’s representation of identity becomes fluid and mechanical.

7. The Next Day by David Bowie (2013)

David Bowie never fails. He is the king of art rock, so whatever he does is indisputably pure art. This track specifically has created a lot of controversy around it due to Bowie’s ambiguous interpretation of religion and Christianity. It is probably the cast that makes the clip so intriguing. Apart from Bowie himself portraying a Christ-like figure, the video depicts a world-famous English actor Gary Oldman as a bishop as well as the amazing and beautiful French actress Marion Cotillard who plays the role of a prostitute writhing in agony due to her hideous stigmata. The clip is full of truly eccentric moments that will make you either love it or absolutely hate it. Gotta love controversial music videos.


8. Give Yourself A Try by The 1975 (2018)

The video starts off with the scene where the lead singer, Matty Healy, philosophizes about his existence and role in this life to the invisible therapist (hint-hint, the viewer) and then portrays split screens interspersed between the bits where the band performing in a full-mirrored room. The clip is full of color-blocking effects, Tumblr-like song quotes, and very handsome pop-rock musicians…can this get more perfect? Definitely one of the more introspective, creative music videos I’ve seen!

Are there any music videos that we forgot to include? Tell us in the comments!

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