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10 Of The Most Bizarre Drink Requests As A Bartender

10 Of The Most Bizarre Drink Requests As A Bartender

10 Of The Most Bizarre Drink Requests As A Bartender

Working as bartender can let you discover lots of things about human nature. Drunk or not, it’s possible understand many features of customers’ personality from behind a counter. One of these is, surely, that some people have such bad tastes!

If it’s possible to tell what type of person someone is from his bar order, let’s check out these bizarre drink requests and make your conclusions!

1. Cider, Gin, Mint, Lime and Cucumber

I clearly remember as it were yesterday when I received one of the most bizarre drink requests ever. A guy came to the bar and asked a gin mix with cider, mint, lime and cucumber. WTF?! He was sure about his wish though. Indeed, he was extremely precise in showing me every step for the creation of his personal cocktail. Muddling mint, lime and cucumber together, for later adding the alcoholic components. Although I’m still not sure about it, he definitely appreciated since he had 3 rounds!


2. Gin ‘n Coke

This juniper infused spirit is perfect for making cocktail like a Martini or to mix with a refreshing tonic water. Sweet tastes people love also mixing it with lemonade. Things that I don’t really accept when they decide to use a nice, full of botanicals, gin. But Gin ‘n Coke is really a blasphemy! Worst if they ask with no ice too. Trust me, this mixology abomination really happened!

3. Laphroaig ‘n Coke

I don’t know what the hell pass in the mind of people that order fancy and expensive whisky mixed with coke. Perhaps, are you thinking to appear as an expert ordering nice spirits without conscious? If you are trying to impress someone, you are actually doing it in a wrong way. Let’s try to go in Scotland and order a single malt whisky with Coca Cola. I’m not so sure that you will be able to tell the tale!

4. Red Wine and Coke

On this point I feel very sensitive: hands down from wine! Except Sangria, red wine MUST be drunk alone. It was already hard to forgive my grandpa after seeing him diluting red wine with some water during meals. But, how can you order a nice tannic red wine and ask for a splash of coke in it? No, guys. It’s not just one of many bizarre drink requests, it’s actually something unforgivable!


5. Beer with a shot of Sambuca

I love drinking beer as well as I like sipping a nice glass of sambuca on the rocks, in particular after meals. But, why should we mix them? I’m still trying to figure out how it could be possible to receive a such weird order.

6. Mint Vodka and Sambuca

I have to admit that during the first years of my approach with the alcohol world, I had a period that I was so into it. It’s weird but, it just works! However, now when someone order it, I can just think of how his hangover will be painful the day after. The name “Petrol” has, indeed, something to suggest! I will just hand over his cocktail with a glance of sympathy and nostalgia.

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7. Espresso and Lemon Juice

When we enter in the coffee realm, it’s easily discovering of how customers could be picky and demanding. Yeah guys, adding more than 3 adjectives to your coffee order makes you really fussy! Although, above all the most bizarre drink requests as barista, I think that being asked for some lemon juice to mix with your espresso is undoubtedly the worst. So, so gross!

8. Virgin Margarita

Bartenders generally hate making virgin cocktails. Although some of them could be good and sensible, other not-alcoholic orders are some of the most bizarre drink requests ever. I know, maybe, you feel more fancy ordering strange name cocktails. However, what could a virgin Margarita mean? Is it not better ask for a tonic or some lemonade with lime juice? For not talking about when I was asked for a Martini with either no vodka or gin. Weird!

9.Dr Pepper Slammer

When I was asked for a Dr Pepper Slammer I was, luckily, not aware of its existence. Wondering about what great artifact of mixology it could be, I soon realised of what alcoholic crime really was. How can some beer mixed with coke and a shot of Galliano (a sweet herbal liquor) inside be a thing?!


10.Black ‘n Tan

If you are wondering what a Black ‘n Tan is, you just need to know that is something that makes shiver every brewer and beer enthusiast. Half Guinnes and half lager for being more precise. No, it’s simply wrong! Why do you need to mix two types of beer so different? Anyway, for me it’s already a nightmare seeing people mixing cider with beer. Don’t do it guys, please!

Here we have 10 of the most bizarre drink requests that a bartender can receive. Do you know others weird alcoholic mix? Share them in the comments below!

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