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Moral Values To Get You Through Uni… And Life

Moral Values To Get You Through Uni… And Life

Here is a list of moral values that will help you stay positive throughout your day to day life, especially while attending University!

Managing to balance University and your life- whatever life you lead, and whichever particular situation you are in, can be tough. Let’s not mask the struggle here, it can be difficult and take emotional, mental, and physical tolls! Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy mind-set through moral values whilst working through University, and navigating certain areas of your daily life.

Here are some moral values that will help you in your daily life!

1. Relativisation.

Is it really that crucial to receive a certain grade? Is a successful career and future linked with acceptance to a certain university? In most cases, a grade or event is not as vital as you initially thought. Instead, relativisation enables you to keep a level head, which in turn increases your chances of achieving your objectives in the end. Your perspective will be clear. This is one of the most important moral values!


2. Keep Your Eyes On The Size Of Your Investment

More precisely, be honest when answering questions on how much effort you want, and can, put into a project. In the end, it is a cost-benefit calculation and at some point you are harming yourself if you invest too much energy, worry and money. After relativising, you can then ask yourself: “How much is it worth?” This has nothing to do with resignation or rejecting your goals; you can only obtain clarity and realism by reflecting on your efforts.

3. Find An Attractive Plan B

Try to avoid depending on just one plan. Having alternatives makes you aware of your ability to choose. Again, this can help you to keep watch on the emphasis you put on, for example, admission to a certain university. With more options, you can face a challenge and be more relaxed.

Despite all of your planning, when it comes down to exams or your creating your thesis, choices and alternatives are not always available. The following strategies aim to optimise your academic abilities.



1. Locate Your Motivation

Simply ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Look at the big picture and remind yourself why it is worth the hassle.

This can help to develop a particular study plan and make clear your priorities. However, do not invest too much time in developing your plan; it can be tempting to remain in that stage since you will likely feel very efficient doing it, but resist! Part two is more important: adhere to your schedule, stick it out and reward yourself after intense study sessions.

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2. Decrease distraction

Turn off your phone, tidy your work space. Create a quiet and calm environment. To increase your performance, make sure you drink enough water (hydration is key) and that your room is aired regularly. Exercising or going for a walk can help get your circulation going; move your body and your mind will follow.

Great aims can truly challenge us. Often they bring us to our limits, but by facing them, we learn a lot about ourselves, our hidden strengths and weaknesses, our emotions and goals. Maybe the most important thing to take away from this article is to retain your ability to act.

What remains to be said? Stay calm, breathe deeply and just enjoy a great opportunity to learn something about yourself and to develop as an academic and a person. During University or during life- apply these concepts & you’ll be doing yourself a major favour!


What do you think about these moral values? Let us know in the comments below!

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