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10 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Adventure

10 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Adventure

Money saving tips you need to save up for your next adventure! Read through these tips and you'll have enough money in no time.

Money saving tips are essential when you’re pinching every penny for your next incredible adventure. Here are a few great ones that will no doubt help you save up in time.

1. Get A Money Tin

This is one of the essential money saving tips. Get rid of the all excess coin in your purse and deposit it in a money tin that doesn’t open unless you hack at it. Make a conscious effort to save your coins for your tin and you’ll see how quickly it adds up, especially if you hoard your golds.

2. Save Your Fives

Other money saving tips such as saving your five dollar notes are great! If one appears in your wallet after you’ve spent some cash, put it in your money tin!


3. Spend Your Twenty’s

If you get paid weekly try to put away an even amount of hundred’s and try to make the twenty’s last for the whole week. For instance, if you were paid $480 that week, put away the $400 and use the $80 for spending money. It is one of the more difficult money saving tips and you may have to dip into the hundreds anyway but you may find that you’re spending less this way.

4. Entertain At Home

Going out with your friends all the time can make a huge dent in your savings. Instead of dinner out, host a dinner party at your house! You can catch up and spend less. Using money saving tips such as this will definitely help you cut down your spending.

5. Do A Clothes Swap

Instead of throwing your clothes away and buying new ones get your friends and family to pile all their old clothes together and shop each other’s wardrobes! You’ll find new gems for your closet and get rid of your old clothes. Money saving tips such as these will help you save your coin and get a brand new wardrobe.


6. Get Outdoors

Going stir crazy inside makes your impulse to buy stuff you don’t need or go to some expensive activity even worse. Get outdoor in the fresh air, do some exercise and you’ll find your impulses fading away.

10 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Adventure

7. Simplify Your Dates

Not every date you go on has to be a huge expense. Forget expensive movie tickets and fancy dinners, spend the night inside cuddled under some blankets and cheap junk food. . Make your regular breakfast together a date by setting the table and putting your phones away. You’ll have spent no money but spent quality time with your boo.


8. Make Your Own Gifts

Each year, whether it’s Christmas or someone’s birthday , you end up spending a lot of money on gifts for family and friends. Giving them a handmade gift is not only more heartfelt and thoughtful, it costs a fraction of the price of something from the shops. Think of a hand painted card or a special baked treat for their gift.


10 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Adventure

9. Reconsider Your Memberships

Do you really need a Netflix account and a Stan account? How about your gym membership, are you going enough to make the monthly payment worth it? Opting for outdoor workouts such as running and walking is a great free exercise option and won’t set you back a hundreds of dollars a year. These money saving tips will help you immensely over time.

10. Quit Your Vices

Are you a smoke or buy expensive drinks out frequently? Or buy a coffee or two every day?  Quitting these will save you tons of money each week and help you get healthy too. Consider hosting drinks at your place next time you and your friends want to go out, you’ll each save a bunch of money on buying drinks from a liquor store instead of from a bar. Also, buying a coffee machine or switching to nice french press coffee at home are great money saving tips.


10 Money Saving Tips For Your Next Adventure

Which of these money saving tips will you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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