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10 Mistakes Every University Of Huddersfield Fresher Makes

10 Mistakes Every University Of Huddersfield Fresher Makes

The University of Huddersfield is a great university to study at during your university years. Check out how you can avoid 10 mistakes every fresher makes.

A new academic year has started and that means there’s a brand new batch of freshers all ready to start their uni life, and starting a new uni means theres a whole lot of mistakes you didn’t even know you could make. Here’s 10 pretty common mistakes all University of Huddersfield freshers will probably make at some point.

1. Using a lanyard

No one uses a lanyard, trust me. Save your pounds for 90s night at Tokes and don’t buy a lanyard. If you do buy one there’s a 99% chance that by Christmas you wont even know where it is.

2. Grabbing a ‘quick’ lunch

You can’t grab a quick lunch at uni between 12pm – 1pm, it’s just not possible. But I can guarantee that at least once this year you’ll think, “I’ll just nip into the canteen and grab a quick lunch before I go do some work.” and I can guarantee that you will still be in there in a queue 15 minutes later.


3. Walking to Castle Hill

If you every think a walk to Castle Hill would be nice, or easy even, listen to me now. Walking to Castle Hill is Hell. The clue’s in the name – Castle HILL. Although to be fair the views are worth it when you get to the top.

4. Mid morning doctors appointment?

Never assume you can get a Doctors appointment at the health centre later than 9:30, and you wont end up disappointed. Appointments go fast, so prepare yourself for the fact that you’ll have a couple of 7:30 appointments during your uni life.

5. On campus parking

On campus parking is a luxury we can only dream of. The closest you’ll get is parking in Market Hall, but they’ll charge you £9 for the day. Ringgo parking can kiss my arse, the thieving little shits.


6. Sticking with the first club you go to

Sticking to just one club is a pretty stupid mistake to make. I get that if it’s the first place you go to you might think it’s pretty cool, but until you’ve checked out all the bars and clubs in Huddersfield you can’t know which if best for you. There’s some pretty cool bars out there, you don’t have to be stuck in Tokes every night.

7. Not getting a Warehouse card

Okay, I’m a wrinkly old third year who fondly remembers the days when Warehouse was the SU bar, not Zetland. But I’m not being biased here, the prices at Warehouse are pretty great, and by getting a Warehouse card you can get points every time you buy something, and that turns into money off your next order. Who doesn’t want free food?

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8. Thinking final year students know so much

Final year students at University of Huddersfield might seem a bit intimidating at times, especially when you’re wandering about campus wondering where the hell the Sparck Jones building is, but trust me when I say we’re still pretty dumb. We may have been here for 3 years, but that doesn’t mean we’ve learnt much. I spent my first day of final year wandering around campus for 20 minutes because all the buildings had changed their names over summer – really old and wise, right?

9. Throwing out all the leaflets and booklets from freshers

Okay, some of the stuff you get given at the Freshers Fair is trash, but don’t just throw it all away! In all the junk theres Dominoes discount codes and Wetherspoons vouchers! Those things are freaking priceless, especially when you’ve blown most of your loan by the second week of being a student at University of Huddersfield.

10. Not knowing about Felix the station cat

Felix the Station cat is the Town’s treasure, if you don’t know who she is then look her up right now. She’s adorable and even has her own book! Any time you’re in the station keep an eye out for her!


What mistakes did you make as a fresher at University of Huddersfield? Let us know in the comments below!

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