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20 Mistakes Every Salford University Fresher Makes The First Year

20 Mistakes Every Salford University Fresher Makes The First Year

This is a list of the most common mistakes every Salford University fresher makes in the first year of her university career.

Get ahead of the curve his September by reading these 20 common struggles student’s at Salford University make. Whether you are more nervous about meeting your house mates or handing in homework, here are tips to avoid a variety of struggles you may face this academic year. Take a look at these mistakes every Salford University fresher makes!

1. Falling into a niche at Fresher’s week

Instead of talking to a variety of people some fresher’s tend to stick to the people they meet on day one. This feels comfortable for some but may prevent you from experiencing new and exciting things.

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2. Overdoing it at 42nd Street or 5th Ave

These two clubs are always packed with students from all over Manchester and have a bar full of cheap sugary cocktails. Many get carried away with the jagerbombs or 241 cocktails and feel like an acidic alien the next day.

3. Not making lecture notes or…

4. Not attending lectures at all

Ok, I get it, the handouts can get tedious, and it is amazing how much space paper can actually take up in your student room, but there are more to lectures than notes. You get class feedback and extra information to use in your essays. Some classes offer their Powerpoint slides online but do not be tempted! Attend the class, gain knowledge and get your money’s worth of education

5. Living on coffee and Ginsters from the Horlock Shop

With limited time between classes and socialising, and without access to the plethora of home goods at your fingertips it can be easy to live pasty to pasty. Living from pre-packaged shop goods is not good for your health or you wallet.


6. Not taking the bins out of your Student Accommodation

This is a mistake I learnt first hand after going home for a weekend and coming back to find my kitchen absolutely full of fruit flies. It is generally not the cleaners responsibility to take bins out, and they are not the ones who will suffer if they don’t.

7. Buying First Hand books and not looking online

Books are expensive and most uni’s say they are essential for your studies. Look online, ask the SU for previous student’s selling their books or shop elsewhere.

8. Not asking for help or feedback

It is easy to stuff your badly graded essay into your backpack and distract yourself with friends and events, maybe even bitch about your tutor, but that will not help you graduate with the best degree you can get. Ask for help from the people who can help you with your qualification, not your student social standing.


9. Prioritising social events over your studies

>As mentioned above, it can be a struggle for students to see the bigger picture and not just the nights events in front of you. Take a step back and work out what will truly benefit you in the long run.

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10. Not exploring other places and following the crowds

It took me almost 4 years to find the coolest bars in Manchester as I stuck with the crowd at student hang outs. Branch out, find different areas and get inspired by new and exciting venues.


11. Spending all your student loan on non essentials

Your money can go a lot further if you don’t spend it at bargain booze or on the best noise cancelling headphones to fit in. Again, be wise and consider the bigger picture.

12. Forgetting how long the commute is – or that there is a school bus

Salford campus is a lot bigger then it looks on the map, also those starts in Allerton take a lot longer to climb than you think! The student bus runs every 20 minutes and goes all the way from Castle Irwell to Bramall Court, so hop on board for free with your uni card. This is one one the most common mistakes every Salford University fresher makes.

13. Not using your NUS discount card

You can save a lot of money with the NUS discount card, as well as a young persons’ railcard. You won’t get to use these discount cards again so make the most of them whilst you can. This is one of the other mistakes every Salford University fresher makes.

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14. Not gaining work or volunteering experience

Employers look for experience and there are so many flexible opportunities that not many people take advantage of. Get onto it, spend just a few hours a week getting real life experience and you will find getting jobs a lot easier after graduation.

15. Not taking advantage of the 24 hour library

The library is often fuller closer to June, but it is open 24 hours a day all year round. Get your work done early at the library before heading home, that way you won’t get distracted by your housemates before you forget key points from your lecture.


16. Not getting your class mates contact details

It is easy to forgo your class mates for your house mates, after all they are most likely the ones you will end up going out or partying wit in your halls. Grab your classmates contact details and aim to meet up regularly to discuss the course and assignments, avoid the struggles of student life by looking at the bigger picture.

17. Not understanding the Marking Assessment form

Get to grips with this essential tool and understand what you need to do to get the best result. So many students struggle to get higher marks, this guide will help you! This is another of the mistakes every Salford University fresher makes.

18. Snakebites – anywhere

The ‘delicious’ cocktail of lager, cider and blackcurrent is the beginning of the end. This potent mix of alcohols and sugar will get you drunk real quick, and you’ll pay the price the next morning!


19. Not looking a the social calendar

Student events can surprise you, sometimes guests drop in and if you don’t look at the calendar you could miss out. Jason Manford once performed at Salford Uni as he was free to support the comedy group that night. Keep your eye out and don’t be afraid to go to events alone, there will be people there!

20. Not having fun in the present

It can be all to easy to get caught up in day to day student life, work, drink, sleep, repeat, and that can make the three years of uni fly by. Be mindful, be present and take time to have fun before you graduate, because it won’t be the same once you enter the wonderful world of gainful employment on the other side. This is just one of the many mistakes every Salford University fresher makes.

Which of these mistakes every Salford University fresher makes have you done? Let us know below.

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