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20 Mistakes Every Liverpool John Moore’s University Fresher Makes

20 Mistakes Every Liverpool John Moore’s University Fresher Makes

These mistakes made by Liverpool John Moore's University during Freshers are sure to give you some insight on what to avoid in your first year of uni!

Fresher’s Week – the best week of your student life! And where better to start this new chapter of your life than in the 2nd best student city voted in the UK – Liverpool! The vibrant, welcoming city offers endless possibilities of freedom to all naive, fresh-faced freshers starting at Liverpool John Moore’s University. But this new, independent lifestyle inevitably comes with a lot of bad decisions. Here are 20 of the most common mistakes every fresher at Liverpool John Moore’s University should try and avoid.

1. Don’t Take Every Freebie Offered at the Fresher’s Fair

You’ve crammed enough useless stuff under your bed that you’re never gonna use in your first year. You’re not a 90-year-old hoarder. Put. It. Back.

2. Don’t Miss Out on the Free Domino’s Pizza Though

You’re allowed to sneak as many of these vouchers as you physically can. Get yourself down to London Road because Domino’s offers free pizza to Liverpool John Moore’s Freshers every year. Get ready for pizza for breakfast for the next two weeks! Which reminds me…


3. Always Line Your Stomach Before a Night Out

If there’s one chart you really don’t want to top dog for it’s the ‘Chunder Chart’. It’s not something to be proud of.

4. Don’t Hobble Around in Heels in Town

Liverpool has lots of cobbles in the city centre. So, girls (and boys) leave the stilettos at home.


5. Don’t Host a Party In Your Flat

Your fellow freshers will have no respect for your flat at all. People will be swinging from your windows by fire blankets and leaving stubborn alcohol stains on your carpets that even your Nan can’t get out.  Freshers are feral.

6. Don’t Have Baked-Bean Flavoured Tequila Shots at Ca Va

£1 tequila shots in a selection of over 5o different flavours. Tequila, more likely te-kill-you.

7. Don’t Argue with the Bouncers at Clubs

If you’ve got vomit dribbling down the front of your shirt and you’re still trying to argue your way back into Heebies, go home, fresher. The bouncers are actually trying to do you a favour.


8. Don’t Be Narrow-Minded

Liverpool has been awarded the friendliest city in the UK. So don’t ruin this reputable title for us freshers – leave your judgments in your hometown and let loose. After all, LJMU freshers are all in the same sinking boat.

9. Don’t Visit Home Every Weekend

It’s natural to feel a little homesick, but don’t let this ruin the beginning of this new experience for you. The first couple of weeks are crucial for finding your feet, meeting new people, and discovering what the city has to offer. Don’t exclude yourself from everyone!

10. Don’t Only Make One Group Of Friends

This is your chance to get to know as many people as possible and find your clique. You never know whose help you might need in the future, so be yourself and be sure to talk to everyone on your course!


11. This Includes Your Lecturers

This isn’t senior school where it’s completely alien to see Mr. Johnson outside of school doing his completely normal weekly shopping in your local Sainsburys. The lecturers at LJMU are proper sound, especially the creative arts tutors. Don’t get the reputation of the teacher’s pet – just simply talk to them – they’re human too!

12. Don’t Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend In Your Fresher’s Week

Enjoy your time being completely free from all responsibilities as a fresher and don’t let anyone hold you back from meeting lots of people. Alternatively, if you’ve already got a partner – don’t waste your fresher’s experience latched onto them – you are your own person and this should be your own experience!

13. Don’t Sleep With Your Flatmate

Hella awkward when your walk of shame is literally across the corridor.

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14. Don’t Bother Bringing a Brolly

Liverpool is windy af.

15. Don’t Bring Your Car

Everything is within walking distance in Liverpool. Besides, you’ll need to do plenty of walking anyway due to the rapid weight gain from all the £1 tequila shots and free Dominoes.


16. Coach vs Train

National Express is cheaper than the train.

17. Support Your Creative Arts Fellow Freshers

The creative industries are really thriving at Liverpool John Moore’s University. This is a great opportunity to support your friends in any local shows or events and meet a great bunch of extravagant people.

18. Please Don’t Imitate the Scouse Accent All the Time

Yes, we are aware we’ve got a unique accent. We don’t need to hear your terrible, drunken attempt of “calm down, calm down” all the time. It’s just annoying.


19. Don’t Leave Your 2nd Year Housing to the Last Minute

Unless you want to be living in a shit-hole in Wavertree where the Letting Agency thinks that it’s acceptable to send a “handy-man” round to tackle your mould situation with a bottle of Dettol in one hand and baby wipes in the other. #truestory


Ultimately, your first year at Liverpool John Moore’s University is all about settling in and creating unforgettable memories. Inevitably, mistakes will be made, but don’t let them overshadow all the fun you’re going to have! Liverpool is nicknamed The Pool of Life – so dive in head first, freshers!

Do you have any mistakes from Liverpool John Moore’s University we’ve not covered? Tell us in the comments below!

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