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20 Mistakes Every Bath Spa University Fresher Makes

20 Mistakes Every Bath Spa University Fresher Makes


Bath Spa University is a gorgeous campus, with lovely staff and some seriously nice accommodation so you wouldn’t be wrong in considering coming here. So if you are thinking of coming to Bath Spa or are going to be a fresher at Bath Spa University then try and avoid as many of these mistakes as possible!

1. Spending too much money in the first week

Whether its alcohol, takeaways, food shopping or club entry, money seems to evaporate into thin air over the course of freshers week and you are left with little to no money for the rest of the term unless you have a steady job – which because you’ve just moved to a new city you probably don’t have.

2. Buying wristbands for events you probably won’t attend

Club advertisers do an excellent job of making you believe you need these ultra exclusive wristbands in order to have a good time over freshers week – and often they come at a huge cost to you. The likelihood of you going to these events is slim to none and even if you do go it’s usually not worth the hype. So don’t waste that hard earned cash.


3. Not getting your student account sorted beforehand

Sorting your own finances is easily the most difficult part of being a uni student and an adult. Because the city centre is so far from campus ( and if you are living on campus you really don’t want to trek into town to go to the bank) you are better off getting your student account set up beforehand.

4.Not job searching beforehand

I know most people think Uni is all partying and lectures but in order to have extra funds for fun things you are gonna need a job and it’s best to start looking early via sites like Indeed.

5. Not learning to budget

Budgeting is so essential, particularly when you are the only person who has to worry about your money. Setting a weekly or even daily budget could help you avoid some seriously stressful situations.


6. Taking it too far too soon

By this, I mean getting blackout drunk before you know your way around. New cities and friends can be scary and until you know where most things are and who your friends are, it’s no good getting so smashed that you get yourself in trouble.

7.  Not having distinctive cutlery

This was a huge problem in my first-year house. 3 of us had the same set of cutlery and we, therefore, couldn’t tell it apart. Nobody wants beef so make sure you get some cutlery that is distinctive or if you do find yourself in this fix then paint some nail varnish on the end of your cutlery and remember which colour is yours.

8. Not attending induction activities

Induction is the time when you will find out everything you need to know, especially at Bath Spa, you’ll find out where you can get support from, how to use the library and so on. So to not go to these induction activities is a bit silly as you’ll probably need this knowledge later on. You can have all the colour coded stationary you want but without the basics, you are screwed.


9. Not joining any or enough societies

If you are lucky like me, then you will have ace flatmates who you love. But it’s good to have more than one group of friends, so be sure to sign up to some societies and make some friends outside of your accommodation. Plus they’re most likely good fun and it could be your chance to take up a new hobby you’ve never tried before.

10. Missing lectures due to hangovers

We’ve all been there. That dreaded moment when you wake up after a night out, still covered in yesterdays makeup and somehow you only have one sock. But you got to push through the headaches and the vomiting and get yourself to the lectures. It is a slippery slope and once you miss one lecture it’s very hard to catch up and even if you think you can read the powerpoint you will still miss vital information from the discussion.

11. Not getting ordering things from your reading lists in time

I’m an English Lit major so a lot of my peers had this problem. Particularly if you are ordering from the local bookshop that the University recommends, they may run out of a text and it’ll be in next week and before you know it you are on to the next text without having even read the previous one.


12. Not knowing where the buildings are

On Bath Spa University campus there are a number of smaller buildings in addition to Commons (which is where most lectures are held) so make sure you know where these are when it comes down to going to classes because otherwise, you could find yourself being very late. Save yourself the embarrassment and check the map.

13. Not getting a bus pass

The U5 and U6 bus services are your main form of transportation and whilst they are deeply unreliable they are essential to getting around, particularly if you live off campus or have a job in town. The bus pass seems expensive but when you break down how often you use it, it really is worth it.

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14. Talking to Uni of Bath students

There is a bizarre sense of rivalry between University of Bath students and Bath Spa University students and talking to the opposition on a night out if futile. They will insist they are superior, despite that obviously being false – so just don’t bother.

15. Drinking too much

An obvious one for any fresher but it is a good one. Drinking too much and not even being able to remember the night is just not ideal, know your limits and save yourself the hangover.

16. Not having an ample supply of painkillers

Speaking of Hangovers, they seem inevitable for first years and so it is essential that you keep an ample supply of painkillers at hand. You will need them and will regret not having them (mostly because this means you have to leave your pit to ask flatmates for some).


17. Thinking you’re above ‘Fresher’s Flu’.

You are not. Do not jinks it by saying so. You will get it, it’s unavoidable. Please come prepared with Lemsip, Berocca, tissues and, again, painkillers as it will get you.

18. Not getting to know your neighbours

This is just awkward. Whether its the room next door or the house next door, you want your neighbours to like you so that on the odd occasion where you go on a bender they will let you off for any heinous behaviours.

19. Not bringing enough clothes hangers

Most Bath Spa Univerisity accommodation has ample space to put your clothes but it’s usually in the form of a wardrobe so be sure to bring plenty of clothes hangers.


20. Personalising your door key

Most door keys for Bath Spa Uni accommodation are blank key cards which can be easily lost. So make sure you personalise it and make it your own so that if you do lose it, it is distinctive and you may be able to find it again.

Are you going to be a Bath Spa University Fresher? Is there anything here you hadn’t thought of? Please comment below and let us know!
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