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10 Mistakes All First Year Students Make That You Can Avoid

We have all been first-year students, freshers, call it whatever you want. Curious, nervous and ready for whatever uni life throws at us. So inspiring… However, what we also have been, is unprepared for all those annoying first-year mistakes that always seem to happen. So, how can you prepare yourself? Read our list of mistakes first-years make that you can avoid:

1. Bringing your utensils, plates, toasters, kettles, irons and whatever else you can find in the family kitchen

There’s this thing where you come with one fork in your luggage and then there’s the drastic situation where you bring the iron, kettle, rice cookers, pans, and all the stuff you can find in your mum’s cupboard. However, this is one of the main mistakes all first year students make. Once you move in, you and your new flatmates can just discuss what stuff you’d need and give a fiver each, for a kettle, for example. Works out much cheaper at the end.

2. Buying those all-week event tickets

You’ve definitely seen those ads on your uni’s freshers Facebook group ”Tickets are almost SOLD OUT!!! Buy yours to secure a SPOT at the HOTTEST freshers EVENT!!!” or some crap like that. The majority of those events are boring, overpriced, not worth it and everything else negative you can think of. Just go out on a normal night out with your mates.

3. Bringing everything in your wardrobe from your fifth set of emergency PJs to your high school pair of bikinis

You’re going to university. Congrats! But don’t be one of those naive first-years who take two trips from home to halls to deliver all of their luggage. Not only you don’t need all of those clothes, but you’ll definitely be buying new ones throughout the academic year. It’s just unnecessary!

4. Panicking and locking yourself in your room

Socialising with completely new people can be quite tough, I understand that. Hell, I was in that boat just a couple of years ago! The feeling of going to university can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Will you get along with your housemates? Will there be fights? Is anyone going to hook up with anyone??? You’ve got lots of questions and that’s okay. But remember, everyone is feeling just the same way as you are, and everyone is worried about making friends. And that’s okay x

5. Signing up for a thousand events without being sure if you actually wanna go

First-year craziness, blabla, we get it. You wanna sign up for everything there’s to sign up for. But please, chill out first! One of the many mistakes all first-year students make is to sign up for 50 events during the next 2 months, only to go to one, feel like they’re out of place and never return again. Just make sure you’re picking events that are of actual interest for you.

6. Doing the same mistake as 5. but with societies…

That was one of the things I did when I was in my first year. I remember signing up for about 5 societies, without fully realising that actually paying a membership fee and joining the Facebook group means you should go to the socials and meet those people. A thing which I never really did… Because I also realised I’m not really interested in any of the societies I joined. Just be careful not to make the same mistake!

7. Try and set up your own flat rules

Don’t be a bully! It’s essential to maintain a friendly flat atmosphere. Some flats/houses just aren’t meant to become like families and that’s okay! However, what you shouldn’t do is try to be the next Kim Jong-un and basically bicker with people over the smallest things. Everyone is going through things while at university and that extra stress in halls might be harming them more than you can imagine.

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8. Buying a gym membership (when you’re not sure you really want it)

Ah, definitely one of those silly mistakes all first-year students make. Including me, again. You’re a new person, you’re at uni, you’re an adult and all that, so what will you do?? Buy a gym membership, that’s what! And not only you’ll buy it, but you’ll go twice in 4 months.

9. Ditching your family

Your parents know that this is your big time to shine and they know you’ll be busy studying and partying. It’s ok, they know that! But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget about them and call them every two weeks just to say ”I’m fine, everything’s good” or text them with one-word answers. They would very much appreciate it if you tell them things from your week in details, they want to know too!

10. Neglecting your mental health

Deffo amongst the mistakes all first-year students make (and not only first years!). It’s very important that you seek help whenever you feel down, depressed, unsure in what you’re doing or why you’re doing it and so. Your friends, family and university students advisors are there for you! Please reach out to them for help if you need it.

What did you think of our list of mistakes all first-year students make? Don’t be too shy to add some of your own advice or stories below!

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