5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter

Having a small room is not an excuse for not having a trendy room. However, that doesn’t mean you should be over decorating it. Follow these minimalistic trends so that you can either buy or DIY them. Get ready to make your room Instagram envy ready!

1. Turn Your Regular Nightstand Into A Floating One

Do you really need that old nightstand or that empty chair on the corner that works as one? Get rid of them and substitute it for a floating nightstand that can be attached to your wall. It can be as minimalistic as a simple shelf or it can have a drawer to store some belongings.

You can also find them in a variety of materials, like wood, glass, metal and in your favorite color!

5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter

2. Add More Diverse Illumination

Whoever said lights are only supposed to hang from the ceiling was not in trend at all. Add some more lighting to your room by hanging a strip of lights along any wall of your room. Hang them horizontally, vertically or any way you can figure out. They also come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, such as cute little hearts or stars. You can even get one with small clips to add your favorite pictures. Just get the one that fits you the most!

Plus, it adds a romantic vibe to your room and you can get rid of that regular lamp. Still, if you are not a big fan of light strings, add a neon white sign with your favorite phrase. This will definitely make a statement, while simultaneously keeping it minimalistic.

5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter

3. Keep It Fresh With A Potted Plant

Potted plants are a gorgeous way to give your room a more refreshing look. It doesn’t matter if it’s small, or if it takes up more space. Plants help reduce stress, clean the air and color up your room. Plus they help reduce background noise which is super useful if you live on a pretty busy road. Just give it water, sunlight and you’re good!

You can check out some of these plants: lavender, rubber plant, lady palm, Boston fern, dracaena or rosemary to find the one that best suits your room!

5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter

4. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are a key element in minimalistic trends since they are so simple yet so elegant. They can make a small room appear bigger by creating an optical illusion. In addition, they increase lighting and make your space brighter. Mirrors work as a focal point in rooms and are also used to check yourself and snap creative selfies!

You can find simple square, round-shaped, framed mirrors or more trendy styles to match your room’s personality. Just make sure you hang them properly to avoid accidents!

5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter
5. Fewer Colors, More Textures

Reduce your color scheme to two or three colors for every element in your room but add more textured pieces. For example, if you choose to paint your walls light blue and you have white bedsheets, add a light blue chunky knit wool blanket. This matches the color from your walls but keeps it harmonized because it’s a different texture.

It’s always better to avoid extravagant colors such as neon pink. Maintain a more subtle color scheme with tones such as light grey, pale pink, soft shades of blue or a basic white. These colors bring more light into your space!

5 Minimalistic Trends To Make Your Room Cuter

Minimalistic trends can improve the look of your room in a simple yet pretty way. Let us know if you try any of these ideas!

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