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10 Minimalist Tattoo Designs For Your First Tattoo

10 Minimalist Tattoo Designs For Your First Tattoo

10 Minimalist Tattoo Designs For Your First Tattoo

Minimalist tattoo designs are perfect for your first tattoo. Simple and low-key, you won’t have to worry about commitment or regret with these beautiful tattoo designs. Get a minimalist tattoo with a deeper meaning, a beautiful aesthetic, or maybe get a matching tattoo with a friend or significant other. Here’s ten pieces of inspiration for your first tattoo to get your started.

1. A Single Rose

Soft and feminine, this small rose tattoo is a perfect design for your first minimalist tattoo. Symbolising love, this tattoo has a deeper meaning, and can reflect your loving and caring personality. If you want to personalise this design a little more, change up the rose for a more fitting flower; how about a sunflower or lily?

2. Single Line Art

Why not have a piece of art as a tattoo? The organic lines of this tattoo will help you embrace your inner artist. Use this design as inspiration for your own single line art, grab a marker and get creating! What’s better than having something that you’ve created on your skin forever?


3. Minimalist Text

This minimalist tattoo design has endless possibilities. Pick a word (or a sentence) that inspires you, or has a deeper meaning that’s specific to you. The best part about this design, is that it can either be handwritten, or typed (which you have so many different fonts to choose from!).

4. Art Inspired

Tattoo designs are their own form of art, but why not reference iconic art in your first minimalist tattoo? Show your creative side with this tattoo, referencing the Creation of Adam painting by Michelangelo. Or switch it up by referencing your favourite painting or piece of art. This design can be placed on any part of the body, which makes it incredibly versatile.

5. Ocean Wave

Reflect your love for nature and travel with the simple line tattoo in the shape of a wave. Who doesn’t love going to the beach? This design can also have a deeper meaning, always reminding you to go with the flow and to see where the wave of life takes you.


6. Matching Dates

Getting your first tattoo is an experience you shouldn’t have alone, so why not get a matching minimalist tattoo with a friend, family member or significant other? This date design can signify your year of birth or the year you met someone important. It’s completely up to you!

7. Colourful And Fruity

Who said that minimalist tattoo designs only have to just be in black and white? Add some fun to your life with this detailed and colourful strawberry design. Opt for a more realistic or cartoon style; whichever suits your personality the most.

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8. Lighthouse

Always remind yourself of the world out there waiting for you to explore it with this travel inspired tattoo. Either made from simple lines of complex detailing, use this tattoo to inspire you to book that next holiday that you’ve been dreaming of.

9. Art Deco Inspired

Minimalist tattoos don’t have to based on everyday life, so why not do something outside of the box? Combine black minimalist lines and coloured shapes to achieve this art deco inspired design. Reference a landscape, film or person; this design is completely up to you and your creativity.

10. Constellation

What’s more minimalist than a constellation tattoo? Consisting of only a few dots and lines, this design is also completely up for customisation. Why not get your zodiac constellation? And if you have freckles, this design can easily blend in with your skin, perfect for a minimalist design.


Ready to get your first minimalist tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!

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