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6 Mindfulness Apps That Will Ease Your Worried Mind

6 Mindfulness Apps That Will Ease Your Worried Mind

Mindfulness apps are all around for one clear and obvious reason. In the world like this, we push our boundaries and exceed our limits mentally unbelievably much. We desire material objects and recognition while very rarely truly focusing on our needs. We crave attention, we all constantly rush and have less and less me-time. The majority of us has come to the point where we need to deal with a wide spectrum of disorders and combat our deepest fears. Continuous stress over exams, work, deadlines, people’s opinion and the lack of time make us worried so much that we seek help from others. What we should do, however, is to realize that this ongoing stressful lifestyle does no good to our bodies and mind, and instead of pushing it away, we must learn to apprehend it and prevent it from happening in the future. Having time for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can present yourself. Learning and understanding your emotions, reactions, behavior and actions is an amazing skill to have, and it flourished your soul even more when you learn how to cope with stressful events and prevent them from happening. Here is a list of 6 Mindfulness Apps That Will Ease Your Worried Mind!

1. The Mindfulness App

This is one of those free with trail mindfulness apps that will provide you with the whole mindfulness experience! It will guide you through five-day meditation practice and it will help you find inner peace and relax your anxious mind.


2. Insight Timer

It is completely free of charge and very useful app to have! There are over 4,500 guided meditation practices and 750 meditation music tracks. This means that you can either choose a path with a guide that will help you understand the practice better or follow your own with a calming tune you listen to while practicing.

3. Stop, Breath & Think

Mindfulness apps are there for you to ease your rushing thoughts and make you feel at ease. Stop, Breath & Think is another free option you may wish to try! It includes 55 various guided meditation segments which are also put in a topical order. And if you like the way the practice makes you feel, you may wish to purchase the premium subscription and get access to more content.

4. Headspace

Headspace is the most popular application out of all mindfulness apps out there! It will obtain a free trial which consists of 10 different exercises for beginners that will give you an insight into what meditation is and how to practice it to get the best results. Once you subscribe to it, you will be able to track your progress, check out your reward system and access the so-called ‘buddy system’ that will enable you to stay in touch with other users and motivate one another.


5. Calm

Calm was the first mindfulness app I have ever bumped into and used on regular basis. You can pick either a guided meditation or a calming track to listen to and simply relax. The time range varies depending on your needs and preferences, which basically mean that you can practice meditation for a little as 3 minutes or even up to 25 minutes if you like. Interestingly, Calm incorporates a ‘Daily Calm’ feature which is a 10-minute programme you can subscribe to and practice every day. If you wish to focus on your breath, Calm’s breathing exercises are there for you to test yourself and get the most from. Also, the app includes sleep stories which will definitely improve your sleep.

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The best results can be obtained by combining meditation with relaxing movements, such as yoga. MINDBODY is one of those non-regular excellent mindfulness apps you can get inspiration from. You can practice yoga anytime and track your progress too. And if you need something that will quickly get your blood flowing then look no further and access Pilates classes or any other type of movement you fancy.

Keep your head up and enjoy your journey to self-discovery!

What are your favorite mindfulness apps you use regularly? Share with us in the comments.
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