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5 Mind-blowing Festivals In The UK You Need To Go To

5 Mind-blowing Festivals In The UK You Need To Go To

Looking for a festivals in the UK to go to this year? Whether you're looking for music, film, or even a retro experience, we've got a list of the best ones!

Festivals are mini music holidays- making them automatically amazing. But when there’s so many to choose from or when you’re looking for something a bit different, what one do you go to? Here’s our top 5 mind-blowingly fun festivals in the UK, whether you’re looking for something big, something budget or something non-music.

1. Glastonbury (Sommerset)

Being one of the most well-known festivals, Glastonbury is our pick if you’re going for something BIG. This means big names (Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen- just to name a few), a wealth of performances and entertainment, big crowds and the price tag to match with a weekend ticket costing around £253. If you’re looking for festivals in the UK that are sure to impress you, Glastonbury is a safe choice.

2. Lovebox (London)

If you’re looking festivals in the UK that stick to a budget but down scrimp on entertainment, Lovebox is the one. This festival is a more alternative choice meaning 2 main things; fewer crowds, less money. Bigger doesn’t always have to mean better! After all, the less money you spend on the ticket, the more money you have for food and alcohol- I know what I would rather.


So does this festival deliver? With acts like Childish Gambino, Skepta and N.E.R.D, it has the music you would find at bigger festivals, at a fraction of the cost- with weekend tickets priced around £99. One happy-camper reviewed the festival as ‘4.5 stars’ on Skiddle, saying; “Amazing from start to finish! No complaints. One of the best festivals I have been to.”

3. Manchester Film Festival (Manchester)

Not all UK festivals are music based, this one in Manchester seeks to bring together all of the film-connoisseurs as part of “one of the top 10 best-reviewed festivals in the world”. If you’re looking for something different to experience, this might be the festival for you. They have a themed opening night and premier independent films (which would be a nice break from Netflix and Sky which show a lot of the same thing all the time). There are of course film showings, as well as galas, Q&A’s and even a closing ceremony and after party. Definitely one of the non-music festivals in the UK you need to check out.

4. Vintage By The Sea (Morecambe)

Vintage by the Sea is another non-music festival, presented on the seafront of Morecambe. If you’re not a fan of the seas of drunk crowds rolling about in mud to the latest club anthem, or if you’ve tried it and you want a new experience, this is definitely a festival that will give you an interesting story to tell.

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The festival offers a range of beautiful Retro and Vintage experiences, from; shopping, to live performances, antiques to fashion shows and food and drink all in a Vintage or Retro theme! Perfect for those living in past-times or who have an eye for quirky objects.

5. Isle Of Wight (Newport)

This is another of the bigger festivals in the UK, even one of the most popular in Europe. Its main attractions include the music (of course), hosting some of the biggest names such as; Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Another great thing about this festival is its diversity, the acts range from iconic artists to underground acts and everything in-between. It is also held on a stunning, almost tropical island- very strange seeing as it’s in the UK.


The ticket prices are somewhere in-between Glastonbury and Lovebox, a happy medium, costing around £175 for the weekend.

Has this got you ready to book a ticket no matter how skint it’s going to make you? (Not gonna lie I already am). Would you go for any of the non-music festivals? Talk to us in the comments!

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