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10 Metallic Makeup Looks We Just Can’t Get Over

10 Metallic Makeup Looks We Just Can’t Get Over

Ready to try something new? These metallic makeup looks will give you all the bold makeup inspiration to try something fun for your next girls' night out.

Festival season is upon us and that means glitter and metallic makeup looks. It can often be difficult to find metallic makeup looks that suit you so here are 10 metallic makeup looks, we just can’t get over, which will suit EVERYBODY.

For the Brave People

If you are feeling brave and love to be bold and make a statement with your makeup then this is the metallic makeup look for you. All it needs is some bright eyeshadow and a gold eyeliner. If you’re not feeling the blue then any other colour will do.

Want it Natural?

If you don’t want anything too wacky and want to keep it plain and natural for every day, then listen up. Use any highlighter or shimmery eyeshadow to create this glamorous natural coloured look. Personally I use highlighter and a wet eyeshadow brush; then smother my lid and crease before adding a darker eyeshadow to the edges.


Fancy Bright Colours?

If you love bright colours and want to feel tropical then stick to the collaboration of yellow and blue; they merge beautifully. Choose a metallic palette and blend the two colours. I would place the yellow on your eyelid to open your eyes and make them look bigger, then apply the blue above it to frame your crease. If you are feeling adventurous then add a small bit of green to the inner and outer corner.

Bronzed Babe

For classy evenings I am a big fan of a bronze makeup look. Metallic browns and golds suit all skin types and face shapes so this is the perfect look for everyone. If you don’t have a metallic bronze in your palette then mix a brown eyeshadow with a gold one or highlighter.

Bit of Rouge

If you are a fan of red lipstick then why not add a red eyeshadow to match. Take any blusher or red eyeshadow and add a metallic pink eyeshadow over the top for a crowd stopping WOW look.


Ice Queen

Why not be a show stopper with an icy stare. Blend silvery tones and smokey greys and blues for this gorgeous makeup look we can’t get over. If you are blue eyed this look will complement you completely, but it will suit brown eyes too; just add a darker blue or even black for a smokier eye.

Smokey Sass

Smokey eye looks are really popular for evening looks. If you are getting ready for a night out you NEED to try this metallic look. I start in the outer corner of the eye and gradually get lighter as I reach the inner corner. Use a metallic dark silver to make your eyes pop.

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Dare to be Dark

If you are a bit of a statement maker then why not make your metallic makeup look as dark as possible. Try either metallic black or navy and apply with a wet makeup brush to intensify the colour.

Festival Fever

This look is the ultimate festival look; bright pinks and oranges are this year’s makeup must have. You can mix it up however you like, as let’s be honest the crazier the better for a festival, but I personally like to have a lighter shade of pink on the eyelid and inner corner to contour the eye and make them look bright and shiny.

Eyeliner all the Way

If you aren’t an eyeshadow wearer then try changing up your black wing for a metallic one. Use any colour chrome eyeliner for a simple yet statement making look.



For any of this looks why not add a metallic lip, I hear its trendy.

Which one of these 10 metallic makeup looks we just can’t get over, will you try?

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