10 Mental Health Day Excuses When You Just Can’t Take It Anymore

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. Staying in top condition mentally can determine a good or bad day. Give yourself a break!

Mental health is key in staying on top of your game. Jobs are already stressful, working hard and trying to achieve things is never straight forward. If your mental health is taking a dip then there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a day off for yourself. You need to be the best version of yourself at work. If you aren’t then your work might slip and might not be to its normal standard. Maybe taking a day off will help you feel more like yourself again – surround yourself with books, films and foods that you love and have a day of not caring to remind yourself of who you are.

It’s No Different From Taking A Day Off For A Cold

When you’ve got a cold, you’re under the weather, feeling shit and un-consolable – it can be the exact same for mental health. Either way you’re taking a day for your own health and you should respect your body and if it’s telling you it isn’t okay – then take a day!

10 Mental Health Day Excuses When You Just Can't Take It Anymore


Recharging Can Help You Have Better Ideas

By taking time for yourself and recharging, you can let your mind relax and hopefully relax it into a state of genius. By relaxing, you let yourself have some better ideas and hopefully through this, do better in your career.

Being Honest And Open Won’t Get You Into Trouble

If you tell your bosses the truth of your situation, they won’t fire you, they won’t suspend you… They will respect you! You’re being confident and telling them the truth. That is a powerful thing to do and being truthful they will do nothing but respect you.

You won’t be a benefit to your employers if you’re feeling down

When you’re not feeling good, it will be reflected in your work and in your attitude to work. Your employers hired you for you. They hired you for the skills you have and to be able to show them these skills, you need to be your best self.


It’s better to take a day than make people worry

If your mental health is in decline, people will notice, and they will worry about you. But by taking a day for yourself you are showing people that you care about yourself and your mental state.  Also remember, these people are worried about you because they care about you; it isn’t a bad thing.

10 Mental Health Day Excuses When You Just Can't Take It Anymore


One day will not alter the universe

If you’re feeling guilty for taking one day off, just remember, one day is insignificant. You can make up the time lost once you’re back and feeling better, healthier, happier. You’ll be more energised for it, and you’ll be more useful. ONE DAY IS NO BIG DEAL. Take it, you’ll benefit, and so will your bosses!

Having a breakdown at work because you didn’t look after yourself is not ideal

If you don’t look after yourself, then it could lead to an embarrassing incident or awkward encounters. You can avoid situations like these occurring by taking some time for yourself and knowing what’s going on in your head. You want to be in control and relaxed.


10 Mental Health Day Excuses When You Just Can't Take It Anymore

You deserve it

If it’s got to the point that you’re considering taking a day out for your mental health, then you probably need it, there’s no shame in that! Trust your gut. Be open. Do what you need to be happy at work because, let’s face it, work can suck. Don’t make it worse by struggling through when you know that one day will make all the difference.

If you have any questions or queries about how to go about taking a day for yourself because of mental health, then please leave a comment below!
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