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We Give these Men’s Hairstyles an A+

We Give these Men’s Hairstyles an A+


Picking the right men’s hairstyle is all about finding what works for you. Whether you are looking to spruce up your boyfriend’s mop, browsing for a new look or simply want to check out some sweet cuts – there’s sure to be something on this list for you.

Mid Length Texture

Just when you think frosted tips were consigned to the questionable days of Leo’s Curtains or JT’s N-sync spaghetti mop, it swings back round in style. Subtle streaks through a ‘messy’ but managed men’s hairstyle can leave you looking as smug as this guy. With good reason…


Natural Waves

Natural Waves Men's Hairstyle
Natural Waves Men’s Hairstyle

This natural cut is timeless. Utilising your natural hair type is crucial to picking and maintaining the right style. Some people are blessed with a silky smooth textured look, that can look great unwashed. If you have natural waves…ride them.

Short Wavy w/Skin Fade

Short Wavy w/Skin Fade Men's Hairstyle
Short Wavy w/Skin Fade Men’s Hairstyle

Perfect cut for the guys with thick and wavy hair. Very little maintenance required and provides natural texture as well as a shorter style – safe and stylish men’s hairstyle.

Pink + Short

Pink + Short Men's Hairstyle
Pink + Short Men’s Hairstyle

The enigmatic storyteller composes such wonderful and curious soundscapes and intimate moments, it’s little wonder his style, fashion and hair reflects the Endless star. To be frank…this style is certainly for the bold and the brave.


Short Textured Crop

Short Textured Crop Men's Hairstyle
Short Textured Crop Men’s Hairstyle

Appreciated by men across the world for its simplicity and quick styling – the short textured crop is one of the most popular cuts this year. No tall order from the barber and low on maintenance, this is a safe bet for an A+.


Pompadour Men's Hairstyle
Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle

This men’s hairstyle has been popping up on football pitches and reality shows over the last five years to no end, and in many ways has seen better days. Those better days may well have been when John Travolta is blasting ‘Summer Lovin’ in Grease rather than it’s more recent showings; frequented by various caricatures on Celebrity Love Island. Although on it’s way out: it’s a smart trim.

Leopard Print

Leopard Print Men's Hairstyle
Leopard Print Men’s Hairstyle

Tyler the Creator has truly been trailblazing a new direction musically and stylistically over the last few years – with a sweet haircut to match. Leopard dye is bold, it’s brash, it’s not for everyone…but we love it. A* for this men’s hairstyle.


Undercut w/ Long Comb Over and Beard

Undercut w/Long Comb Over + Beard Men's Hairstyle
Undercut w/Long Comb Over + Beard Men’s Hairstyle

Long hairstyles for men used to be few and far between but now with the advent of the man bun, top knot and even man braid – long hair has options. This maniac looks like someone your mum may not want you to bring home and your Dad would be simultaneously intimidated and impressed by. And quite frankly, it’s red hot.

Side Part w/Low Fade

Side Part w/Low Fade Men's Hairstyle
Side Part w/Low Fade Men’s Hairstyle

Wavy hair is a blessing for it’s natural texture and versatility in style, including city slicker looks like this. With maximum volume up top, split with the side part cut into a low bald fade – this look has it all going on.


Long + Left

Long + Left Men's Hairstyle
Long + Left Men’s Hairstyle

This relaxed skater look is a revamp of the old 90’s textured curtains…with a bit more credibility. Possibly not one for the corporate go-getters, but this even length can look pretty dope.

Modern Men’s Crew Cut

Modern Men's Crew Cut Hairstyle
Modern Men’s Crew Cut Hairstyle

It was only a matter of time before the man as famed for his various hairstyles as he is for his modelling (and football, was it?) featured on this list. Currently rocking the modern man’s crew cut, this stylized military hairstyle is in full force this year. With a bit more length on top for styling, this look is simple and effective. Plus it’s Beckham’s choice of hairstyle…need we say more?

Which is your favourite look? Let us know below.