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Men’s Distressed Boots May Be One Of The Best Trends Ever

Men’s Distressed Boots May Be One Of The Best Trends Ever

These men's distressed boots are perfect for any outing. Whether you need men's boots for winter or men's boots for work, we have you covered.

Give a particular boot a browse on a website and it will proceed to pop up on every other page you decide to visit. You’ll start receiving a trend of styles apparently suited to your tastes. Just like this comical occurrence, recently men’s distressed boots have become of of the most popular trends circulating one of the mainstream fashion agendas. I’m not complaining, the distressed image has a juxtaposed way of defining itself- it says; ‘Yes, I’m style, but I also don’t really care what you think about the matter.

Crepe Sole Boots

Easily channelling a cool relaxed look. The traditional sleek aesthetic look of the Chelsea boot is adapted, it’s quiet authority challenged by the crepe boot’s latex sole.

Trend Of Flexibility

The end result is a flexible boot to go. One of the most comfortable trends to hit the mainstream. It adds to the wearer’s comfort, being visibly soft to the touch.


Hiking Verging On Distressed

Through recent times, we’ve seen the hiking boots trend come and go, but this season, the mix of fashion and function has returned with a vengeance. The trend has been seen to play a key part from high street to designer. I doubt it will be leaving any time soon.

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Feeling Distress- Go Cuban Heel

In credit of the brave, we have the Cuban heel. The Mexican style Chelsea boot is renowned in the Latin world for dancing but dates back to the ninth century when worn by Mongolian horsemen. The boot usually consists of a mid-length shaft and a thick sturdy heel. Their style has been revived in these modern times but with fashion’s 20-year cycle, they were last a trend back in the Nineties, which saw them come to an abrupt end as hip hop and grunge took over the mainstream. These are the most classic men’s distressed boots.


Chukka Boots

Polo inspired smart casual crossover boots stomp onto the scene with a relaxed take on the desert boot. Originating in India with the British army units that played the ‘Sport of Kings’, these distressed suede shoes have made their way out of the fields and into the wardrobes of Zac Efron and David Beckham. Female taste is fashion has also adopted the distressed chukka & many more distressed styles to their boot list. These are stylish men’s distressed boots.

Which of these men’s distressed boots are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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