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10 Men Outfit Ideas All Guys Need To Try Out

10 Men Outfit Ideas All Guys Need To Try Out

Mens fashion has never been as stylish and on trend! Check out 10 mens outfit ideas for some great looks for guys!

Today men’s fashion is anything but boring. With many designers and styles breaking the rules of what exactly a man can and should wear. There has become a lot of leniency towards mens style; from pops of colour to leather man-bags hanging from a shoulder. Check out 10 men outfit ideas here you have to try here:

1.) Graphic tee with textured straight cut trousers and contrast lace up leather boots.

This outfit just oozes street fashion and we love it! The oversized/loose fit of the graphic tee works well with the textured straight cut trousers. These trousers are also another feature the outfit with a gorgeous orange highlight belt securing them at the waist. However the main attraction of this outfit? The contrast lace up leather boots that colour coordinate with the top half of the outfit.

2.) Pink sweatshirt, pink denim jacket, denim jeans and pink converse.

 The phrase ‘pink to make the boys wink’ has never been more appropriate for this outfit. Perhaps its’ more for a man whose not afraid to show his feminine side, this outfit is gorgeous and soft, perfect for a casual day out. The pinks of both the denim jacket and sweatshirt and softness to the outfit of the fabrics, work well the dark denim jeans. Whoever said denim on denim wasn’t a thing, has clearly never seen pink denim.


3.) Printed long sleeve T-shirt with humbug stripe shorts and a pair of simple white leather shoes.

This men outfit ideas is perfect for this year’s summer season. The vertical stipe shorts will add length to the outfit whilst the colour contrasts with the dark long sleeve t-shirt. Team it with a simple pair of white shoes; Stan Smith’s perhaps? – and you’re good to go this summer!

4.) Graphic tee, tan over coat and wide leg trousers.

This men outfit ideas is definitely a city outfit. It’s both casual and smart and we love it. The tan colour of the coat compliments the grey wide leg trousers. The graphic tee – which appears to be the iconic Frank Ocean tee – adds an essence of personality and casualness to what could be deemed a smart outfit. Team it with a highlight accessory such as this striped belt to really stand out from the crowd.

5.) Oversized patchwork fur coat with denim shirt and sport trainers.

With this men outfit ideas who wouldn’t love to turn up to school or university like this?! Its oozes p-diddy vibes and is perfect for the cold season we’re in. The gorgeous patchworked fur coat is a highlight in this outfit. The dark denim shirt is contrasted through the softness of the coat however it’s a great feature. Team it with some oval sunglasses and a designer cap and you’ll feel like a Rockstar. The sport socks and sports trainer also add a more casual vibe to the outfit. And we dig it!


 6.) White shirt, smart trousers and smart buckle loafers.

This mens outfit ideas is perfect for spring! When it’s not too hot or too cold! The softness of the shirt looks great when complimented with a simple smart black trouser. Smart trousers are definitely crucial for a stylish mens outfit ideas. Finishing this smart look with a pair of buckle loafers and you’re ready!

7.) Bright scarf, navy coat and cream t-shirt.

What I love the most about this mens outfit ideas is the immediately eye-catching scarf; the colours surprisingly work well with the other simple colours. The navy coloured coat works well with the cream jumper, and the green beanie is a perfect accessory.

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 8.) Cream puffer jacket, chunky trainers and see trough tote bag.

Puffer jackets are an incredibly popular style of jacket at the moment. They’re perfect for those cold, early mornings and keep you nice and snug ready for a busy day ahead. The colour of this puffer is a gorgeous light brown colour which works well with the loose fit dark trousers. The clunky trainers are also another highlight and popular trend at the moment.

9.) Oversized black sweatshirt with Contrast stripe trousers and trainers.

With orange being a key colour trend in the upcoming year, what’s better than a pair of orange trousers? Oh that’s right a pair of orange trousers with a brown contrast stripe! These trousers really are a gorgeous pair and even though they may immediately get peoples attention, it works well with the dark oversized sweatshirt. Finishing the look off with a pair of standard vans and you’re sorted!

10.) Oversized knitted turtle neck jumper with denim wide leg jeans.

This outfit just oozes “I can’t be bothered today but I’m still stylish.” Thanks to the baggy, oversized turtle neck jumper which just looks soooo comfortable. I mean, what’s better than a big comfy jumper which is able to hide your double chin(s)? The denim wide leg jeans work well as well, adding to the casual vibe of the outfit. Finishing the look off with a pair of running trainers and you’re all good!


Which men outfit ideas are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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