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10 Memories Of Growing Up In Bath, UK

Growing up in Bath, UK is a truly unique experience. There are always so many fun things to do, which leads to many wonderful memories.

The Music Festival

The highlight of a year for a music lover, it connects the city with a love of music. Whilst the celebrations are for a week or so, there is one night which is free and truly unites everyone. I remember going to Parade Gardens that night after going and exploring the city music in the different venues. Parade Gardens was really the cherry on the cake, it had live music happening within it, and children laughing and dancing all around. All the different sounds the city offers are incredible- from Gospel to traditional choir to rock to jazz, this festival has everything. That night in Parade Gardens will always be special for me watching the fireworks at midnight cascade over the city – it truly reminds you why Bath, UK is the best city to live in.

Southgate Festival

This one is for the students but equally fantastic. Southgate Centre becomes a hubbub for young people with discounts at multiple stores. The fact that it is at night is fabulous as the atmosphere is electric. Last time they had free candyfloss and popcorn, with places to relax and a bar that makes it feel like you are at a truly exclusive event. It really makes you excited to be alive.

Children’s Literature Festival

This one is one for all the family, and I have been for many, many years. Famous authors flock Bath, UK such as Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson and Miranda Hart. It’s amazing seeing young and old mix to see these phenomenal authors who bring their magic to Bath. Each venue is electric with the anticipation, and I have yet to go to a ‘boring’ event, with people usually crying with laughter 5 minutes in. When I was young I actually had the amazing honour of interviewing Michael Rosen behind the scenes and I thought he was just truly amazing. This festival has brought me many fond memories that I spent with my family and friends, and helped cement my love of reading forever.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park will always hold a fond memory in my heart, as the place where I learnt the swings, and played imaginary games with my friends. I remember eating ice cream in the park, and feeding bread to the ducks regularly, back when this wasn’t seen as a bad thing, and running around with my friends in the summer. It was the place you always met with your friends and the merry go round was seen as a massive treat. Both the play park and the grounds were incredible, and I will always look back at the memories with fondness. When I am fortunate to have kids myself, I hope to take them there as well.

Victoria Park Funfair

Leading on from Victoria Park itself, I have to mention my love of the Victoria Park Funfair. I go almost every year and it is for everyone. Me and my friends go and we go on all the rides, get hyper on candyfloss and generally just have a ball. We do stuff we normally don’t do like scary rides, and fortune teller machines, and make fun of the pretend person we are going to ‘marry’. I don’t think I will ever stop going to this and spending a fortune when I shouldn’t by going on too many rides. It’s just a way to make great memories with my friends and family which I will cherish forever.

Bath Pavilion Rollerblading

The place I spent most of my childhood – a truly amazing way to keep active as a kid. We regularly went rollerblading, and I always prided myself that I could do the ‘fast lane.’ There was also limbo, which as you can imagine is difficult with rollerblades but me and my friends always had a laugh trying to achieve it. Although we never won the whole night would be amazing as we would buy sweets from the cheap tuck shop and compete against each other for fun.

Green Park’s Farmers Market

I have always loved this market as it brings local produce all together for everyone to try. Not only does it support local businesses but the smells and the colours are incredible. When I go, I always end up buying more than I intended to but then having a veritable feast to get through at home. My favourite find was a Portuguese tart which has since become my favourite dessert of all time, and coincidently made by my friend’s dad. I just love that you can take your dogs as it is an outdoor event, and that you can find new food to try almost every week.

See Also

Prior Park Gardens

This is one of my favourite nature haunts, as I love walking around the grounds, particularly in Spring or Summer. It is truly stunning. The Palladian Bridge is one of only two in Europe and we are lucky enough to have one in Bath, UK. Great for panoramic views and breath-taking photos, this is the place I love spending my Summer with friends.

Pump Rooms

This one holds a small memory in my heart as I only went once due to how expensive it is. When I was young we had a really posh afternoon tea which is a big thing in the UK and I got to try the Roman Baths Water – although I thought it was disgusting I will always say that I have done that until the day I die. To say you went to the Pump Rooms in Bath is a big thing here, and I will always cherish that memory.

Bath Carnival

I love the Bath Carnival because of the colours and the sounds. A parade goes down a long street, with lots of acts and school children performing for everyone. It is amazing to see the community come together, and it really feels like Summer to me when I go to that festival. There are also fun things to do in a nearby park with glitter tattoos and face paint for all ages, and it really takes me back to my childhood again, and the naivety I held back then which I really treasure.

Bath, UK is an incredible city and I have so many memories I can’t count, but I felt like these were 10 that really stuck in my brain for me, and I hope it brings people to come to this amazing city, and you love it as much as I do.

What are some of your memories of growing up in Bath, UK? Let us know in the comments below!
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