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10 Memes That Any Struggling Student Will Relate To

10 Memes That Any Struggling Student Will Relate To

Being a student can be stressful, fun, scary and exciting all at the same time; the workload can be overwhelming but the nights out can make some of the best memories you’re ever going to have. As we all love a good meme because they are one of the reasons we got through student life, today I’m going to give you 10 that every struggling student will be able to relate to and I bet they make you chuckle.

1. Student Loans

If you’ve been a student for a year or so now, you will know how much of a godsend receiving your student loan is. Towards the end of the semester you always find yourself scraping your purse and purchasing the cheapest, most bearable wine that you can find and then as soon as that dollar hits your bank account, you live like a rich person; eating takeaways on the daily and buying bottles of Grey Goose Vodka.



Every single time you’re writing an essay, you find yourself searching replacement words from the ones you’re continuously using. is a saviour and the website deserves a thank you on your dissertation.

3. Thus

There will always be certain words you include in your writing that’ll make you feel like a true genius. Especially thus, type that and you are on your way to a 1st.

4. Breakdowns

The mental breakdowns are real. However, you don’t have the time to shed those tears because you’re balancing coursework, a social life, a part-time job and calls back to home on the regular and a good breakdown takes around half an hour before you can pull yourself together and drown your sorrows in jäger.


5. Last

No matter how many times you hate yourself for the stress of leaving your uni work until the night before it’s due, you continue to put yourself through the pain. You justify it by telling yourself ‘I have to do it now, I have no choice’ whilst holding back the tears or letting them out everywhere you go like the guy in this meme.

6. Quantity Over Quality

It doesn’t matter how crap your work is, the fact you’re submitting it on time is an achievement in itself. You already know that 3rd is coming your way but at least you can go to the social now, right?


7. Not Facing Reality

Uni just gets a bit much sometimes; especially in third year. You have your tutors badgering you about your dissertation, you have revision for your exams to do, you have assignments due in at the same time as those, you need to keep up your already poor attendance at lectures and look for grad jobs. So, what do you do? Tell that mind of yours to shut the f*ck up.

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8. Contemplating Lif

Leading on from the last meme, this is the reality of you facing all of those responsibilities.

9. Re-wording Is Key

You get told time and time again that you will get marked down for copying sources and the monitor as you submit your essay will usually catch you out. So, in order to avoid that just change up a few words and you will be dandy. Like the meme says, sometimes a sentence so simple can only be changed so much, right?

10. Presentations

Although it says school, this meme still applies at university. You always dread those class presentations because public speaking isn’t really your fortay. Which is kind of why you chose Accountancy in the first place!


Are you a student or was one and can relate to any of these memes? Or have I missed any important ones out? Comment them below because the more, the merrier!

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