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15 Memes/Gifs Everyone Can Relate To

15 Memes/Gifs Everyone Can Relate To

15 Memes/Gifs Everyone Can Relate To

Our generation is all about visual aids when it comes to expressing our emotions and what we’re feeling. The first thing you are probably thinking of is emojis but memes and gifs are also pretty popular these days. In this list below, you’ll find 15 memes/gifs that you will definitely be able to relate to!

1. When You’re Socially Awkward In General

If you’re a socially awkward person, you might find it hard to approach people first and make conversation. This meme is probably one you can relate to:

2. When Your Mom Asks Questions You Don’t Even Need To Answer

Your mom might be your hero when it comes to finding things you thought you lost or cooking your favourite meal but sometimes she might not pick up on obvious clues like asking you if you’ve had enough sleep. This meme is probably one you can relate to if you were up all night working on an assignment.


3. When You’re About To Go To Sleep But Then Your Thoughts Keep You Up All Night

You’ve probably been in this situation before: you’re tired throughout the day and can’t wait to have an early night. You’re all tucked in and start to close your eyes but then random thoughts of an embarrassing thing that happened to you when you were 5 replays in your mind. Now you’re wide awake and can’t sleep.

4. When You’re A Big Spender and You Don’t Know How Much Money Is On Your Card

If you’re a shopaholic, you’re probably the type to wing it every time you swipe your card at the till. It’s always a gamble and your card either gets declined or accepted. If you’ve ever been in this situation before (or it happens on a regular basis), this meme is one you can relate to.

5. When You’ve Been On A Night Out But Can’t Really Remember What Happened

Night outs can result in you being ridiculously hungover the next day and not remembering a thing about what happened.


6. When A Couple Is Arguing At the Table Next To You At the Restaurant

Things can get a bit awkward when you’re just trying to enjoy your meal at a restaurant and then the couple next to you start arguing. You try not to watch events unfold or eavesdrop so you just mind your own business and carry on as usual.

7. When You Watch a Film and It Hits You Right In The Feels

There are those films that that are so good but emotional and in their own right, masterpieces. Me Before You, A Walk To Remember or The Notebook might have you ugly crying at the end just like this meme below.

8. Your Mom Makes You Do the Chores Instead Of Your Sibling

You could be in the middle of an important episode of your favourite series and then your mom tells you to do the washing up instead of your sister who seems to get away with everything.


9. You’re On a Diet In the Hope Of Becoming ‘Beach-Body’ Ready But Then It Goes Out the Window…

If you have ever been in a situation before where you promised yourself that you’ll be strict with yourself when it comes to eating healthy but then you just love junk food too much to give it up, this is the meme that explains it all.

10. When You’ve Been In a Math Exam Where a Calculator Is Allowed and You’ve Questioned Your Own Logic

If you’ve ever had that many exams that when it comes to your Maths exam, you probably thought it would be best to double-check your answer on the calculator just to make sure.

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11. Having a Mental Block and Being So Confused That You Don’t Understand What Is Going On

You’ll be able to relate to this meme if you have just woken up and you feel like you have woken up from a coma. You’re trying to gather your surroundings and understand where you are. This is the meme for the confused.

12. When Something Embarrassing Happens To You and You Just Want To Hide

Have you ever had something so embarrassing happen to you that you just want to hide or crawl under a rock? This gif is probably the perfect example of how you felt in that exact moment.

13. Your Dad Makes a Typical Dad Joke but It’s Just Not Funny

After your dad executes the joke, he’s expecting you to laugh but instead, there’s just awkward silence.


14. Being Too Tired To Do Anything

Your reaction might have been this like this gif if you’ve been up all night trying to finish your essay and you’re now falling asleep in your lecture.

15. You’re In a Club and Your Friend Is Talking To You But You Don’t Understand What They Are Saying

The music is pounding and even when your friend is yelling and repeating themselves 20 times, you just don’t understand what they’re saying.

Can you relate to any of these memes/gifs as much as we can? Tell us which one you can relate to the most in the comments below!

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