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10 Memes About Introverts That Are Too True To Not Relate To

10 Memes About Introverts That Are Too True To Not Relate To


In the days before the internet, introversion was often seen quite negatively. Being introverted, meant you were a shy, quiet person who didn’t like being around groups of people. There was a stigma attached to being an introvert, but that has long since forgotten now the internet has taken introversion and celebrated rather than shamed it. The internet has become a solace for the introvert, being the home of entertainment for that crucial ‘me’ time (e.g. Netflix) introverts crave, and the home of memes that celebrate and humours introversion. Here’s a selection of the best memes about introverts that you’ll find yourself agreeing too.

The Party for One

Sometimes you just want to lie in your bed, watch some Netflix and indulge in your own company. The best party ever!


The Relief of Cancelled Plans

Yes, as an introvert I still love you as a friends even though I’m happy the plans got cancelled. I’m just happy because I can’t be bothered to deal with people today.

Showing Your True Colours


As an introvert, you often have your guard up to new people. You might be really friendly and nice, but you don’t want to let out the weirdness straight away, you want to give people the chance to think you’re normal.

Getting Persuaded To Go Out

Introverts will often experience that feeling of regret pretty quickly, when on a night out. It’s easy to do, you’re having fun with your friends and the idea of going out comes around and you think, you’re with your friends, it’s gonna be fun! Well, you were very wrong.


“Sorry I’m Busy” excuse

An Introvert will often throw the line “Sorry, I’m busy” as a way of getting out of social plans that you have no intention of attending. You probably have a fun night of spending time with yourself, so you technically have plans!

Animals Are Better Than People


As an introvert, you probably don’t connect with people quickly. But, you will be stroking your friends dog until your friends is tired of you ignoring and decides to leave and take their pet with them. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just be friends with animals?

The Dreaded Small Talk

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Why would I want to talk to you about the weather? It’s an introverts nightmare, small talk. There’s nothing interesting about these types of conversations, they’re just boring.

An Unexpected Visit

What can be worse for an introvert than a planned social gathering? An unplanned one. Introverts can’t do spontaneous plans because we need the time to prep ourselves for dealing people and being around them.


Take Me Home!

Nothing is worse than being out and about and wishing you were at home. Well, this is a constant wish for an introvert.

Introverts Have Friends


It’s a common conception that because introverts like being alone they don’t have friends. This isn’t true, there are some introverts who lots of friends and can speak to anyone, and there’s also the types who are happy with just having a small circle of friends. You don’t want to spend loads of time with them anyway, so why have loads of friends?

Which one of these memes about introverts is your favorite?! Let us know down below!