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10 Melbourne Related Memes That Will Hit Home

10 Melbourne Related Memes That Will Hit Home

Melbourne is a great place to live. It’s been voted one of the most livable cities several times. It has a lot going for it, but like all cities, it has its drawbacks, oddities, and idiosyncrasies, which makes for good memes. Here are 10 Melbourne related memes that will hit home!

Weather Meme

The weather in Melbourne is notoriously known for being unpredictable. It’ll change on a dime. Weather forecasts can never be 100 percent accurate but in this bi-polar city, it’s really something else.

So Melbournians have learned to not take too much stock in the forecasts and to leave the house prepared. This is done by dressing in such a way that can be easily altered to reflect a change in the weather and fluctuating temperatures.


Hipster Meme

Melbourne is a trendy city in many respects, and trendy can lead to the notion of “hipster” being thrown around. Melbourne is considered the art capital of Australia, and that can also come with some artsy-fartsy baggage.

I’m mainly talking about perception, so this meme will hit home for one of two reasons. You might honestly believe that hipster culture is still prevalent and find it irksome, (the meme specifically refers to the suburb of Fitzroy) or you might find that people the people constantly bemoaning hipster culture have become the meme.

Metro Trains Meme

There are a lot of great things about Melbourne. The public transport system isn’t one of them. Take the trains, for instance. Metro Trains is the franchise operator of the suburban passenger services on the Melbourne rail network.


Hating on Metro is like breathing air for many passengers. They actually have to point out when the trains are running as per the timetable. Delays spring up often, making the times when necessary rail works occur all the more frustrating. In these scenarios, the bus replacements are a joke. And speaking of buses…

Bus Meme

The buses, in general, are no better. It varies from suburb to suburb, some having it worse than others, but many Melbourne passengers can share stories of the unreliable, undependable, and often maddening bus service. And there’s very little point in taking it up with the drivers when they do eventually arrive. If they do say anything to you, it’s unlikely to be satisfactory.

Frankston Meme

Frankston is a suburb in Melbourne that gets a bad rep. It’s considered a rough neighbourhood with high crime rates. I ask you, is it truly any worse than any other suburb? Yeah, probably, I mean, there are a lot of suburbs to compare.


And like all suburbs, Frankston has good areas and bad areas. To its benefit, it’s a bayside suburb and from all accounts, it has and will continue to improve.

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Melbourne Starter Pack

This meme wants to hit all the big notes when comes to meme-worthy elements of  Melbourne. It’s not a good meme, so it’s in good company on this list. It won’t hit home because of its content but because of the very fact that it exists. IT’S A META MEME. If you live Melbourne, you’ve heard people take these kinds of pot-shots at it (not counting the weather thing. that’s legitimate). This one feels mean spirited and not particularly clever. Okay, not clever at all.


Paul Hogan Weather Meme

Another weather meme, this time with added Paul Hogan. Memes of this kind are seldom seen anymore, the format having seemingly become outdated. I’m not referring to memes about Paul Hogan. I don’t know whether any of those are made. I mean the template where there is a very basic set-up and payoff. “You know you’re from Melbourne when…” and then the payoff. Memes have now transcended many barriers.

Demons Meme

Another old meme format. Bad Luck Brian is seen here wearing a jersey of the Melbourne Demons football team. They aren’t highly regarded and don’t have many wins under their belt. That’s another way of saying that they’re known for losing. Very sad. I don’t care myself as I don’t follow the AFL, but I’m sure many out there do.

Eddie Maguire Meme

Eddie Maguire is a media businessman, radio and television presenter, and president of the AFL Collingwood football club. He’s prolific, and… I don’t know if divisive is the right word? He’s been in people’s living rooms for years now thanks to the many shows that he’s hosted and appeared on. Throughout the years he’s been embroiled in controversies, but that all that aside, the simple fact of him being president of the Collingwood team is enough for many to dislike him.


Tram Possum

And lastly but not least, I give you tram possum. There’s really not much to say here. It’s a possum on a tram. Not a hugely common occurrence, at least in my experience. This was apparently a popular meme about Melbourne back in its day, though I can’t imagine what its applications could have been.

Did these Melbourne related memes hit home for you? Did they make you proud to be a Melbournian or fill you with contempt for those who reside there? Comment below!

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