8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

Summer is here and that calls for exotic foods! A cuisine which is known for its spicy combinations and subtle kicks in their foods is mediterranean dishes. The Mediterranean dishes are primarily from southern Europe, in places like Spain, Greece and Italy, Northern Africa with countries Morocco, Libya and Algeria. In addition to Eastern countries like Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Interested in taking a leap in cooking something out of your comfort zone? Read on to find out, just how to do that.

1. Cous Cous

A staple dish within the berber culture, that consists of semolina grain, made from durum wheat.  Usually steamed and topped with a stewed sauce of some kind, this dish is versatile in its topping arrangements. Combinations range from dried fruits such as peaches with roasted almonds (perfect for a packed lunch), that is ideal for its quick preparation time of around 20 minutes, or a heavier alternative that consists of meat, fish and a traditional onion busla sauce.

2. Dolma

A more of a snack alternative in the selections of meditteranean dishes, this cuisine is very common in the middle east also-within the Arab cultures. The meal itself means ‘stuffed’ and it’s signature ingredient is vine grape leaves, where they wrap and contain the inside stuffing of rice and/or meat. Pack this with a salad and natural yogurt to go and guaranteed it will make your summer complete!

8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

3. Sharba Libiya

This dish is a signature soup within the Libyan culture, containing a mixture of Mediterranean spices such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and mint to garnish above the soup. This is a heavy take on soups because it contains solids within, such as small pasta pieces, chickpeas and meat or fish pieces. Feeling that this is your choice to try, out of the mediterranean dishes? Try this recipe!

4. Shakshouka

Now everyone has heard of Shakshuka before, as a moroccan or an Israeli dish. However, did you know that each country within the North African Berber countries has their own take on the recipe? A rich tomato base filled with the mediterranean dishes known spices such as turmeric, cumin, cayenne pepper. The prime ingredient, however, is eggs! Within the tomato base, it’s common to create wells where the eggs can go in place to cook. Therefore if you like omelettes, this could be an interesting meal alternative to try!

8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

5. Bureek

Pastry fanatics will love this dish! There are three main stuffing selections that are known to be used. A sautéed meat and onion base, white cheese and dried mint or finally spinach and onion. You honestly cannot go wrong with this choice amongst the Mediterranean dishes. However, accompany this with the Sharba Libiya and you really have a champion meal for the summer.

6. Tagine

Tagine is a Mediterranean roast dinner-bursting with mass flavours! The dish gets cooked within a traditional earthenware pot (native moroccan), where sweet potato, sultanas, almonds and dates are mulled together to sweeten the overall flavour of the meat within the dish. This dish itself takes around 2 hours to prep and complete, therefore you should definitely use this as a dinner option within the summer.

8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

7. Makroona Imbakubka

If you like ramen and the texture of that dish you are guaranteed to like this. However, be prepared for much more flavour as this meal itself has pasta surrounded in a soup of mediterranean spices. Rich and satisfying, you will want to finish the whole bowl! For any London locals, try the well known Libyan restaurant Acacus, who make this dish authentically well!

8. Marinated tomato and feta salad

The final meal of the Mediterranean dishes, in essence, is a salad. However, it’s filled with so much more flavour! It contains sun-dried tomatoes, which are marinated in olive oil and pepper. Also prior to putting the salad together which consists of olives, red onion, feta and spinach. The red onion is prepped within olive oil, vinegar and sugar marinate-to blend the aromas together. its added above all the components, in the end, to give this salad a very unique and rich taste. Perfect to pack for work right?

8 Mediterranean Dishes To Try For Summer

Mediterranean dishes are unique in flavour and never disappoint the palette, The variety of spices that get used are flavoursome and can be enjoyed with anyone passionate about food and cooking!

If you are still deciding on what to cook from all these dishes, share with your loved ones and decide together!

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